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2022 What is the price of painters?


Depending on the size of the painting work, whether exterior or interior painting is required, the type of surface being painted, and other factors, the typical cost of painting a house can range from €2,511 to €21,111.

€2,511–€3,511 for a two-bedroom apartment’s interior.

A two-story home’s exterior painting will cost between €5,511 and €21,111.

Costs range from €2,811 to €4,511.

One of the most well-liked and economical ways to renovate a wall, room, or house is with paint. However, how much does it cost to paint a house, and how do Dublin painters choose their prices? Just like most apartments near El Paso, one of the most well-liked and economical ways to renovate a wall, room, or house is with paint.

These are likely questions you’ve asked yourself if you’ve ever requested quotations for the price of painting a house. In order to help you better grasp their method and set a budget for your job, we will now look at how professional painters determine their pricing.

What is the price of painting a house?

The overall cost of painting a property in Dublin can range from €2,511 to €21,111 on average. The scale of your painting project, whether you need interior or exterior painting, and the type of surface being painted are all relevant considerations.

Expect to pay in the range of:

  • €2,511–€3,511 for a two-bedroom apartment’s interior.
  • A two-story home’s exterior painting will cost between €5,511 and €21,111.
  • Costs range from €2,811 to €4,511.

If you’re doing any of the job yourself or only need a few rooms or features painted, the price will be reduced.

How much does interior house painting cost?

The typical cost to paint the interior of a home in Dublin is between €21 and €31 per square metre, including the ceiling, based on one undercoat and two finishing coats.

With little prep and trimming work, the lower end of this estimate is based on using a single colour. A price for a more challenging project that calls for various colours, gloss architraves, and a different colour for the ceiling trim may cost €31 or more per square metre. For specific finishes like wallpapering or to generate crackling or sponged effects, be prepared to pay considerably more.

  • Expect to receive a quotation between €2,511 and €3,511 for a flat with two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a washer and dryer.
  • Expect to receive a price between €811 and €1511 if you only want a few rooms painted, such as two bedrooms and the kitchen/dining area.

What is the price of painting a house’s exterior?

Expect to pay anywhere between €15 and €45 per square metre for outside painting of brickwork, while prices for exterior painting of timber surfaces could range from €12 to €61 per square metre. Pay what you can:

  • €5,511–€8,111 for a two-story, three-bedroom home.
  • based on the size and condition of the house’s surfaces

Preparation work and repainting of all previously painted surfaces are included in the cost of painting a house’s exterior.

How much does painting a roof cost?

You might also want to take the roof into account when obtaining quotations for how much it would cost to paint a property. When painting a roof, budget between €2,811 and €4,511, assuming a three-bedroom house with a metal, tile, or terracotta surface.

Depending on how your roof now appears and whether or not it requires repairs like repointing, you may estimate how much it will cost to paint it.

How are painting prices determined?

Cost estimates for painting a house are computed per square metre. This house painting cost estimate typically includes paint and all other materials.

Although it takes into account all of the effort that goes into a painting job, some of which is less evident, the per square metre charge can occasionally be misleading.

The cost of painting the interior of a house is determined by a number of factors, such as:

  • Is any surface cleaning or repairs necessary?
  • Are there trim and architraves?
  • How many doors will need painting?
  • What is the ceiling height?

Some considerations for the expense of exterior house painting include:

  • Does your home stand on a level lot? How convenient is access?
  • Is the home multi-level? If scaffolding is required, the quote must include the cost of the scaffolding as well as the additional labour.
  • Does the external fascia require special care?

When you obtain estimates from nearby painters, it is not unusual to discover a significant disparity in the price of painting a property. A more seasoned painter will be able to provide a more realistic estimate since they will take into account all the necessary preparation work and are more likely to utilise higher-quality paint and materials. They ought to be able to back up their claim with a thorough written quote.

It is best to go on with your quest if your painter is unable to persuade you of their worth or to produce a written estimate.

What is the price of DIY painting?

Up until you give it a go yourself, house painting may appear like a fairly simple task, but there may be more involved. Considerations for various surfaces, colours, and materials will all affect how your project turns out. Any painter will tell you that properly preparing surfaces for the initial coat can often be more crucial than anything else.

You must also purchase brushes, rollers, and other tools, so the expense of DIY house painting goes beyond just the paint. Consider spending around

  • Depending on the finish, the price of a litre of house paint ranges from €31 to €45.
  • In total, painting supplies such brushes, rollers, trays, tape, drop cloths, and more can cost between €411 and €511.

The time investment is another factor to take into account, as painting an entire house might take several days.

What tasks may painters perform?

A skilled painter can assist you in achieving the ideal finish on a variety of home improvement projects.

If you hire a painter to paint or repaint your interiors, they might also be able to assist with tasks relating to interior design. These could include hanging wallpaper, a specialty service that many painters can assist with, or colour advice, which can significantly alter the appearance and atmosphere of your home.

To keep your house in good shape, you should have the exterior painted around every five years, or more regularly if you live close to the shore. The appropriate care and a coat of paint or stain are required for timber or fencing to appear their best, thus exterior house painters may also be able to paint and maintain these items.

If you need roof painting, you should hire skilled roof painters with specialised tools and safety precautions for the operation. In the same way, you should think about employing a painter who specialises in large commercial projects like new construction and commercial areas.

Additionally, painters can assist with specific effects and finishes for more imaginative jobs, such spray painting a surface.

Making a painting project plan

It’s worthwhile to take the time to think about a few practical factors that will affect your overall house painting cost and the outcome of your project before you start getting quotes for your painting job, whether you need to find out how much it costs to paint a house or just need a small touch-up. These consist of:

  • Do you require colour advice? This programme can help you get a sense of what colour scheme might look best on the inside or outside of your home.
  • What kind of paint ought I to use? Decide on the appearance you want and the locations where you will employ different types of finish, such as glossy, low sheen, and matte, each of which has a distinct finish and personality.
  • What about all of your wood windows, doors, and skirting? For each of these, a specific gloss or semi-gloss paint or wood stain, available in oil- or water-based variations, is required.
  • Do you require any unique coatings or effects, like wallpapering? This is a service that not all painters provide.

employing a painter

Make sure the painter you hire is qualified for the task before you hire them. You can inquire about them by:

  • Are you authorised?
  • Do you have insurance to work in my house?
  • How much time would my work require?
  • Can you offer a written estimate?
  • Do you have any references I may call?

Is a licence required for my painter?

Your locality will determine this since not all counties require a licence.

Painters often need a recognised credential, like a Certificate III in Painting and Decorating, in order to get a licence. Painters can earn this certificate by finishing an apprenticeship in painting or by having the qualification requirements for their current skills appraised.

suggestions from a painter

What suggestions might a qualified painter have for choosing a qualified painter and obtaining a reasonable house painting price? When we requested bids from painters, Alextrendpainters, a painting with more than 15 years of industry experience, urged us not to be overly focused on price.

“Everything for a quality finish depends on preparation. Some people might choose a less expensive quote, but if the preparation is subpar, you will see the effects after a year or so. Additionally, you must be extremely careful to match the right kind of paint with the surface.”

requesting painter quotes

Getting quotes from nearby painters is the most effective way to learn how much it costs to paint a house. You’ll get an idea of current market rates from this.

Your quote will be more accurate the more details you provide. The quotes you receive are probably going to be more realistic if your painter has a comprehensive picture, and you won’t be in for any unpleasant surprises when they visit to check your property before giving you a final pricing.

You could reduce the quote if you believe the cost of painting your home is too expensive.

  • All or part of the preparation work might be done by you.
  • Using fewer colours and straightforward finishes
  • Obtaining estimates from at least three local painters will

A lot of people have questions

How much does it cost to paint a house?

The cost to paint a house in Dublin ranges from €2,511 to €21,111, depending on the size of the building and the scope of the project. Painting a home’s inside typically costs less than painting the outside.

How much does it cost to paint the interior of a three-bedroom home?

An average three-bedroom home will cost between €4,511 and €6,111 to paint. This includes both labour and supplies and is based on an undercoat and two finishing coats.

How much does it cost to paint a 2111 square foot house’s exterior?

In Dublin, the price to paint a 2,111 square foot or 185 square metre home can range from €2,221 to €5,551. This is based on the average cost of supplies and labour for painting a home, which ranges from €12 to €31 per square metre.

Employing a painter or doing it yourself is more affordable?

If you’re confident in your skills, you could save thousands of dollars on a big painting job by doing it yourself; otherwise, you could need to employ experts to fix mistakes. Even with the savings in labour, DIY painting might still cost several hundred dollars in paint and supplies.

What is the price of painting a room in Dublin?

A single room can be painted for anywhere between €251 and €411 on average. Since setup, supplies, and other expenses will be spread out over a bigger project, the price per room will typically be lower.