How to Get a Job in Sales: 3 Tips to Get your First Sales Role

Job in Sales

Going to try your luck in sales? Well, you have chosen a pretty good career. Here are a few things that you need to know to get your first sales role;

No experience? Learn the core sales principles

It is better to apply for a 7-figure sales job when you have got some basic sales course or training. However, if for any reason you have to start early, learn the core sales principles to begin your sales journey. Here are a few principles that you need to learn;

  • Features do not sell the product, its benefits – While introducing the product, a salesperson has to discuss the features and benefits of the product. However, he should explain the benefits more because benefits sell the product, features don’t.
  • Persistence is the key to converting potential customers into buyers – Everyone is different, some potential customers can get convinced to buy a product after the first meeting. However, a few take time, the salesperson has to be persistent. Do a follow-up to convert them into buyers and regular users.
  • Listen to understand and convince the potential customer – If you are trying to convince people to switch to your product, they would surely have questions and some concerns. A Good salesperson is a good listener, he listens, and answers questions, to convince potential customers.
  • Be someone easy to trust –  The salespersons should be honest, likable, impressionable, and easy to trust. Otherwise, it would become harder to convert potential customers into buyers.

Get trained to get your first high-paying sales role

Most of us get impatient right after getting the necessary qualifications to get our first job. Some of us even expect to get a high-paying job without even getting the necessary training. This is not how the world works now. For almost all professions you are required to have some skill. A bachelor’s or master’s degree does enlighten the individual however, training polishes and gets you ready for the practical world. 

Therefore, accept the fact that just like any other profession to get the first decent sales job you have to enroll yourself in some training program. If you take a look around, there would be a bunch of sales courses and training being conducted to polish the sales skills.  You can enroll in the online course or in-person training, whatever is feasible for you. Take it as a need of the hour and get trained to become eligible for a decent sales role.

Be willing to start from the bottom if you have no experience working in sales

As stated above, it’s hard to get a decent first sales job with no experience. Therefore, if you are searching for a job with only a relevant degree, start from the bottom; retail. Retail would teach you a lot of the skills required for the sales job, it would get easier to apply and work on a decent sales position.