3 Winning College Football Betting Tips You Need to Know

College Football

College football is a spread-and-under sport, unlike baseball, which has a majority of bets placed on the money line. If standard -110 juice is used, this means that bettors must win at a 52.38% winning rate to break even. Any higher than that will result in a profit. You can bet on the college football picks against the spread and more, if you know the ins and outs of the entire process.

If you want to make money by making college football bets, then you are at the right place. You can win big in college football matches by using the strategies mentioned in this article.

  1. Home-Field Benefit Is a Little Overrated

There are obvious benefits to playing at home. Home teams do not have to worry about playing in hostile environments or traveling. They can enjoy the familiarity of playing in a stadium and the cheers of their fans.

The home-field advantage is real and the oddsmakers usually award three points per game to home teams. This doesn’t mean that home-field advantage should be ignored.

Oddsmakers love home betting and will draw lines in their favor, which can cause public home bettors to overprice and have bad numbers.

  1. Bet on Coaches who Go Against the Spread

Some coaches beat the spread every time, regardless of their motivation. They can be a profitable investment, especially if they are not heavily favored.

Nick Saban’s record against the spread in Alabama as the head coach is 78-67-2, despite facing some of the most significant lines in football history. During his tenure with Stanford, David Shaw is 51-30 against the spread. 

Paul Johnson teams have covered profitably ever since Shaw started at Georgia Tech, going 66-53-5. Navy’s Ken Niumatalolo is 68-53-5. Since starting at Oklahoma State, Mike Gundy has been 85-69-3. If you were a bettor and only placed bets on these coaches, you would be in the black.

  1. Bet on Less-Known Teams

It’s worth keeping up to date with the American Athletic Conference and Mountain West. Bookmakers are less accurate in setting lines for college football games than they are for other sports and take longer to respond to changes. 

It’s not worth being the tenth thousandth person to have an opinion on Texas back, but it’s more valuable to be one of the few people who know that a promising G5 quarterback has been injured.

Clemson and Temple are the five most successful teams against spreads since 2013. They also include Alabama, the Navy, Oklahoma State, and the Navy. All five are at or close to 60%. 

Old Dominion and Charlotte are the worst five teams. Liberty, Connecticut, and Coastal Car are the worst. Only a handful of those ten teams are part of power conferences, which are watched regularly by thousands of college football fans.

Wrapping up

This is it! These are the best strategies you can use to win big on your next college football wager. While there are many things you can do to maximize your winnings, the tips we have discussed here will help you achieve the best results.