4 Effective NFL Betting Strategies You Need to Know This Season

NFL Betting

The NFL is North America’s most watched sport and a major hitter for bettors. Sundays in fall are a great time to place NFL bets and take part in a lot of action. 

Before placing your bets, there are some important factors you should consider. You could miss out on important opportunities if you aren’t sure about what to look out for when betting on the NFL. This is why you should seek advice from Doc’s Sport Service for expert picks against the spread, NFL best bets, predictions, and parlays. You’ve waited long enough for the NFL to return, and now it’s time to start making a profit.

Although betting on the vegas NFL odds can be difficult, it is possible to make smarter bets if you are motivated enough to learn some new strategies.

These are the 4 best NFL betting strategies you should know to win big this season:

  1. Pay Attention

Home-field advantage matters and it is more important at certain stadiums. The New England Patriots went 42-6 straight up (32-14-2 at-home) from 2014-2018. They are also been 103-41 homes in Seattle since 2003.

They’re not the only teams with this advantage. When handicapping for home advantage, do your research and compare the home record of each team.

  1. Avoid Parleys

Casual bettors might find a 12-1 parlay payout attractive. However, you should know that you are giving the house an 18.75% advantage if all four games are coin-flips. This compares to just 4.75% for a regular wager on coin flips at -110 odds.

If you are just looking to win entertainment, we are all for it. If you are serious about NFL betting, then stop. You can learn from those who started out betting only on exotics before they learned more. 

Professional bettors can use parlays to increase their advantage in certain situations. Parlays will almost always erode the bottom line for less experienced bettors.

  1. Keep an Eye on the Trends

You can maximize your chances by monitoring the betting lines during the week. Online betting sites may offer better NFL odds. However, the odds may change as the week progresses.

Keep in mind that public perception has a significant impact on this. Fans will continue to support popular teams such as the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers. 

They also love the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots. These teams are often called public teams and will likely be more popular than statistics would suggest.

  1. Diversify

You can win big betting on the spread, the money line, and the game totals. It’s important to be aware of all other possible bets to maximize your chances of success.

Many sportsbooks allow you to place bets on alternative spreads and buy-and-sell points. You don’t have to settle for a spread of -3.5 that is uncomfortable. Instead, opt for a spread of -2.5 with a smaller payout.

Last words

These strategies are great to remember when betting on football, but they’re just the beginning. It’s all about taking the time to research your picks and managing your bankroll efficiently. So, use the strategies that we have talked about in this article to increase your odds of success in NFL betting.