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7 Instagram Post Ideas to Make Your Account Shine


Managing an Instagram brand account poses its challenges, requiring a delicate balance of timely posting, spontaneous engagement, and the continual generation of innovative ideas to stay ahead of the algorithm. 

While it’s crucial not to abandon what’s already effective, injecting a dose of inspiration into your Instagram marketing strategy can breathe new life into your brand.

Here, we present a variety of fresh post ideas to experiment with on your Instagram brand account. 

These suggestions span different content formats, including in-feed posts, Stories, Live sessions, and IGTV videos. 

Some of these concepts can be seamlessly incorporated, while others may demand careful preplanning. The goal is to diversify your content to maintain active engagement and get more views on the platform.

  1. Provide your audience with a mental breakthrough puzzles 

In our fast-paced lives, self-care often takes a backseat as we rush from one task to another. Instead of the typical photo post, consider creating content that encourages your audience to pause and ponder. 

Although there’s no tangible reward for solving the puzzles, using features like the questions sticker in Stories and the gallery post in the feed ensures ongoing engagement. The consistent design of these puzzle posts also aids in building brand recognition.

If creating puzzles seems daunting, encourage your audience to take quick breaks with activities like slow breathing exercises or share a 5-second video with soothing music. The goal is to make your audience pause amidst their scrolling or tapping.

  1. Craft a caption first, then select or create the photo 

For brands with a distinct voice, challenge yourself to write captions before finding or creating the corresponding photo. Planning your content becomes more manageable when you have a clear message or mood in mind, rather than tailoring a caption to fit an existing image.

A robust copywriting style allows you to create photos that complement the written content. Developing your brand voice is an evolving process. Draw inspiration from other brands’ Instagram captions to refine and shape your unique tone.

  1. Embrace a recurring challenge

Whether it’s a daily, weekly, or monthly commitment, recurring challenges can add excitement to your content strategy. You can either discover existing challenges or create one that aligns with your brand. 

Brands can adopt a similar approach, encouraging audience participation and incorporating unique hashtags to enhance engagement with the challenge.

The essence of this post type is to cultivate anticipation and expectation among your audience. While numerous photo challenges are available for inspiration, creating your own and announcing it in a post can be equally effective.

  1. Combine a photo essay with a strategic link in your bio

Drawing inspiration from compelling captioned copywriting, this post idea is influenced by the publishing industry, showcasing how businesses built on rich content can extend their narrative onto social media.

Repurpose existing content effectively, especially if you maintain a blog or website. For instance, adapt graphics from an annual transparency report into a compelling gallery post.

  1. Generate excitement with product teasers 

Instead of straightforwardly announcing new products or services, leverage Stories and posts to pique interest. Create anticipation through teaser photos, videos, and question stickers, building momentum leading up to the big reveal.

Collaborate with influencers to discuss new features in sync with product launches. Engage followers in Stories using poll or question stickers, turning it into a guessing game with a prize for the first correct responders.

  1. Execute a flash sale in Stories 

Leverage the ephemeral nature of Stories for flash sales, creating a sense of urgency and driving customers to make quick purchases to avoid missing out on exclusive deals.

Apply this strategy to limited-stock products, giveaways, or sudden discounts. Transform flash sales into a recurring marketing tactic to boost engagement and track its impact in your Stories analytics.

  1. Enhance Your Posts with Stickers

Don’t limit stickers and collages to just Stories—incorporate them into your feed posts to breathe new life into your content. This approach is particularly effective for brands with a vibrant, playful, and whimsical aesthetic.

Stickers and overlays represent a growing trend on Instagram, offering a playful way to elevate your visuals when used thoughtfully.

If creating your own stickers seems challenging, several apps provide a variety of fun options. You don’t need advanced design skills like those required for Illustrator to successfully implement this post type.


Navigating the ever-evolving Instagram algorithm poses a constant challenge, making it essential to continually explore fresh post ideas. We trust that these 7 suggestions have sparked inspiration for your brand.