Aina Asif Biography Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Net Worth

If you are a fan of Pakistani television shows and movies, Aina Asif is a name that you will be well familiar with. Despite her young age, She has emerged as a leading child actor in the industry and is known for her immaculate acting skills.

Her role in the television drama “Hum Tum” served as a pivotal milestone in her career, skyrocketing Aina’s fame and making her a household name. If you have grown to admire and love Aina for her acting and personality, you have come to the right place.

This article will examine Aina Asif’s age, career milestones, and details about her personal life and net worth.

Early Life and Background

Aina Asif was born on September 27, 2008, in Karachi, Pakistan, into a well-settled and stable family wherein her father worked as a businessman and her mother worked as a housewife.

When you scour the internet for information about Aina’s early life, the information appears to be scarce, especially regarding her family. There are rumors that Aina has a brother and sister, but we couldn’t confirm it.

What’s interesting is that Aina’s family has been consistently supportive of her career endeavors. When her family noticed their affliction towards acting, it didn’t take them long to act on it and encourage their daughter to pursue acting. That’s when she started exploring different acting roles as a child actor.

Details about her education and school life aren’t publicly available. However, being 16 years old (as of 2024), it is safe to say that Aina is currently pursuing her high school education.


Aina Asif is an established name in the Pakistani television entertainment industry. She kickstarted her career as an actress early and stood out as one of the most adorable actors on screen, quickly stealing people’s affection.

Regarding the initial acting role that skyrocketed her career, Aina’s role as “Milli” in “Hum Tum” is where her career took a turn for the better. The genuineness in her acting and the raw and unadulterated portrayal of the character caught the audience’s eyes. This happened in 2022.

If we had to discuss Aina’s debut in the industry, it happened in 2021 when she played the role of the “younger version” of the protagonist (played by Maya Ali) in the drama serial “Pehli Si Muhabbat.” She didn’t have significant screen time, but this was the stepping stone in the industry.

Before that, Aina started her modeling career in 2020, where she worked with national and local brands. She was 12 years old at the time and was successfully balancing her education and her modeling career on the side.

After gaining a lot of initial success in Hum Tum, Aina was offered a diverse range of roles in other drama serials. Her next role was in “Pinjra,” where she portrayed the character of a manipulative student. Later, in 2023, she bagged the role of Saman in “Baby Baji.”

Aina’s big break as a lead in a drama serial came with her role as Qurrat-ul-Ain in the popular television drama, “Mayi Ri.” This ended up being a significant milestone in her young career.

Due to Aina’s young age and focus on her acting career, information about her personal life and outside interests remains limited. We know she is an ardent social media geek and likes exploring different ways to stay active on her socials, especially Instagram.

Age and Height

According to official reports, Aina was born on September 27, 2008, which makes her 16 years old (as of 2024).

As for her height, most media outlets depict that she is 5 feet 1 inches, which explains her short stature on screen.

Despite her short height, Aina stands tall as one of the leading child actors in the industry, taking on diverse roles and adding them to her career graph.

Boyfriend and Relationships

Aina has successfully kept her private life out of the media’s focus. This includes not only her dating life but also her family life and details about her childhood.

According to public information, Aina appears single and focused on acquiring significant roles in her acting career. Given her young age and being in the prime of her career, it makes sense that she isn’t letting anything else deter her from focusing on her career at the moment.


I scoured the internet for some substantial information about Aina’s parents, their names, and their standpoints in life, but I couldn’t find anything worth sharing. What we do know for sure is that both of her parents have been her supporters since the first day.

Not only have Aina’s parents been supportive of her choices in venturing into modelling and acting, but they have also actively pushed her to do better. Her mother accompanied her to the shoots and auditions, ensuring her comfort and safety throughout the process.

Aina has repeatedly mentioned in multiple interviews that her parent’s unrelenting support has helped her grow in her career and reach the point she is today.

As for their family background, there are rumors that Aina’s father is an established businessman who owns a car showroom. Her mother is a homemaker who has consistently supported their family and been the backbone of their growth.

Aina and her family embrace their Islamic faith, and their nationality is Pakistani. They currently reside in Pakistan and live a peaceful and luxurious lifestyle.

Net Worth

Aina started her career at around 12 years old, working in the modeling industry. Her venture into the television industry changed the course of her career.

Being able to bag lead and significant roles in leading shows like Hum Tum, Badnaseeb, Pinjra, Aitraaf, Baby Baji, Mayi Ri, etc., have contributed significantly to her net worth, reportedly around 1 million PKR. She is still in the early stages of her career graph and has so much more potential, so it’s safe to assume that her net worth will soar in the coming days.

Being active on her socials and having a dedicated following there has also helped Aina bag brand promotions and endorsements, further contributing to her financial standing.


Aina Asif is an emerging actress in the Pakistani television entertainment industry. She started as a child actor and established her position well enough to land the protagonist role. Her dedication and resilience to being good at her craft have helped her further shape her career in no time at all. We are pretty sure that Aina’s rise to fame has only just started, and there’s so much more in the future.


What is Aina Asif’s age?

Aina was born on September 27, 2008, making her 16 years old (as of 2024).

Who is Aina Asif’s brother?

There are rumors that Aina has a brother and a sister, but we don’t have any public information regarding their names or identity.

What is Aina Asif’s height?

Aina’s height is around 5 feet 1 inches.

What is Aina Asif’s weight?

Aina’s average reported weight is between 45-50 kgs.