6 Reasons Why Anime Shows Are Becoming Popular All Over the World

Anime Shows

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big fan of Japanese culture or have resorted to western-style entertainment, the term “anime” is one that you’ve probably heard of by now. 

With an industry worth 19.1 billion dollars in the country of Japan, the anime genre is experiencing an increase in popularity in the west, which is leading to these record figures.

The art of anime is an expression of animation that has grown in popularity in recent times. Anime is all about vibrant colors, imaginative characters, and captivating stories. 

Here are 6 reasons anime shows are gaining popularity across the globe:

  • Unique Ideas

In terms of storytelling, the medium of anime gives its creators lots of flexibility because of the absence of preconceived notions or the pressure of publishers.

A lot of manga are written by ordinary people with regular jobs, who are pursuing manga as an interest or hobby. 

If the work they produce is appreciated by their readers and readers, it could be taken over by a studio to be turned into an animated show. There are also authors of light novels who follow the same pattern for their work.

  • Rich History

Anime’s history began more than 100 years ago, in 1917, with an animated film launched in Japan. 

The most recent anime-related tropes emerged in the year 1970, with the 1980s being described as the “golden period” for anime. This is when Japanese animation took off with a variety of genres. 

In the background, manga creators were busy developing original manga However, new blood was appearing after being inspired by works that were created in the 1970s. This is only the beginning of the story that surrounds Japanese animation.

  • Amazing Visuals

The majority of anime is about fighting or battles. This can be very enjoyable for a lot of viewers. 

Skilled artists who invest lots of effort into their artwork create anime in which everything is precise. This is one of the reasons that people who enjoy quality work want to watch anime.

If you take a look at the characters, the drawings extremely feel detail-oriented. 

Further, even the backgrounds include shadows and lighting that create the illusion of an actual scene.

  • Relatable Characters

While anime is a collection of cartoons, it may also refer to things that occur on the ground. It is not only about positive things such as joy and happiness. The anime can also discuss subjects like depression and sadness.

Animation is distinct and quite different from Western cartoons. Moreover, the anime shows are less serious however, they’re also vibrant and charming. 

They feature themes such as PTSD as well as mental illnesses, struggles with finding a purpose for life, and battling to make it through.

  • An Introduction to Japanese Culture

In the quest to understand other cultures, anime provides an ideal way to explore the diverse lifestyles Japanese people have. 

While it may not necessarily be the best way to portray Japanese practices and lifestyles, it does make a lot of reference to it.

From Japanese stories and legends to historical figures, anime has discovered a way to incorporate Japanese tradition and culture and make them more appealing to Western viewers.

  • Ease of Access

In order to stop the piracy problem and offer fans an authentic way to watch anime that is subbed or subbed, there is a flurry of streaming companies and publishers from the western end of the market.

Numerous streaming sites out there offer anime fans shows with an affordable monthly fee. Some of them even provide simultaneous viewing. 

So, users can stream the most recent episodes in their entirety when they release in Japan.

End Notes

Anime studios announce new anime shows every year. They feature new themes and popular all around the world look forward to these releases. 

This is good news both for those who love old anime and those who prefer newer versions. It will provide an increase in the popularity of anime.

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