Best Mobile Repair WordPress Theme – Promote Your Services With TemplateMonster


The modern developing world pleases us with new technologies and electronics that simplify our lives. However, such innovations also might break down and require to be fixed. That is why the demand for electronics repair services is increasing in direct proportion to advancing technology. And if you own a company or are a private specialist that provides gadget maintenance services, you need to keep up with the times and introduce yourself on the global web. Hiring a web developer is quite expensive and time-consuming, so you need to consider using modern pre-made templates. Each entrepreneur can find them on digital marketplaces, among which TemplateMonster is a leader. It provides numerous assets for creating a website, and a mobile repair WordPress theme is what you should pay attention to because it suits your purpose perfectly. Let’s learn more about this item and how you will benefit.

Fantastic Features of Mobile Repair WordPress Theme

The first reason why WordPress is such a popular content management system is open-source and simple to use. The second one is that it provides ready-made templates with easily editable layouts and a clear interface. That is why, when you choose a mobile repair WordPress theme, you don’t need to worry about anything. Its customization is simple and quick, even if you haven’t faced such assets before. Thus, you create a powerful and functional website for promoting your repairing services on the global web. Check out the list of features that will help you achieve such an amazing result:

  1. fully responsive design – a site will display great on any device with any screen size;
  2. admin panel – a tool that makes the customization process simple and convenient by letting you add, move, remove, and edit any design element;
  3. search engine friendly – your web presence gets better positions in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.;
  4. drag and drop support – allow you to doodle to make changes to your pages by holding an element and dropping it to the needed place with a mouse;
  5. Google maps integration – showcases your location or workshop to help your clients quickly find a way to bring you a broken smartphone for repairs;
  6. retina-ready – content displays well on electronic devices with high pixel density;
  7. dropdown menu – a list of content or categories that appears when a client clicks on the menu button;
  8. performance optimization – a website loads quickly;
  9. Parallax – a fantastic visual element created by various layers of background or content which move at different speeds and looks like an illusion of depth;
  10. background video – this feature lets to add a video to your page to improve the site’s look;
  11. documentation – instructions and guides for editing the layout to get the result you need;
  12. a set of innovations like JQuery, Bootstrap, Ajax, and more.

What Long-Term Benefits You Get With Mobile Repair WordPress Theme

The Internet is the first place where potential clients look for your services if they face some error or defect in their gadgets. They open a browser to find a trustworthy and professional specialist or maintenance center. When they write keywords in the search bar, your site will be shown on the first pages of the search results. It is possible due to SEO-optimized code in the template. You can also improve your visibility on Google by adding unique text content and regular posting in a blog. Besides, you gain such advantages as:

  • introduce yourself to the digital market;
  • keep up with the times;
  • attract more new customers;
  • expand the client base;
  • boost the number of sales and orders;
  • stand out from competitors;
  • increase popularity;
  • consolidate positions on the market, and many more.

Free VS Premium Mobile Repair WordPress Theme: What Is Right for Your Project

As you may know, the digital market offers a wide variety of assets divided into two categories – free and premium. And both types are in demand. However, it is important to determine which will be the best for your business. Check out their pros and cons to make the right choice.

  1. Free assets. As a rule, they have a fairly minimalist design because they don’t come with a lot of premium options and features. Such items are easy to use, which simplifies their use for beginners. Thus, you may use them for practicing creating a website and editing the layout. However, freebies are rarely updated and don’t have proper support, so you have to figure it out yourself if you have an issue. Another con is that costless products might be poorly coded, making your web presence vulnerable to security troubles.
  2. Paid items. They are more popular among entrepreneurs and business owners as they contain advanced functionality and options for creating a powerful website. Such products come with all needed licenses and technical support that guarantees you an effortless creation process and good website work without bugs. Moreover, you will benefit from a unique design of paid items that allows you to stand out from competitors and attract potential clients’ attention. And regular updates let you make your web presence stylish, trendy, and eye-catching. Of course, you should pay a fee for a premium asset, but, as you can see, its price is justified.

How to Choose Mobile Repair WordPress Theme for Your Business

When choosing a suitable template, it is important to follow a few rules. Firstly, it should fit your vision of the future site and has a concise content structure where you will place your service descriptions, photos, videos, etc. Second, decide what features and options you want to see on your site. The selected template must contain them. To make it easier for you to make your choice, take a look at the left sidebar of the TemplateMonster marketplace. This panel is classified into categories such as tag, color, features, styles, web forms, etc. You mark the necessary options, thereby narrowing the search. The design you see after that is your perfect asset. Open its page to ensure it suits your requirements by reading the description and previewing the layout via the live demo option. After that, embark on creating a powerful website using embedded opportunities and introduce your company online!