Take a Bus Tour of the Outstanding Owensboro and experience American Culture Firsthand!

Bus Tour

There is something to be said about bus tours – they sure aren’t boring. Rather than looking at seemingly endless expanses of white clouds from an airplane’s window, it is certainly much more fun to look at a place’s topography from the window of a bus. And there is a much more intimate connection with the destination as well.

Small Towns Rule!

Bus tours in Kentucky are all about taking you to far-flung places that you wouldn’t see generally. While they are not on any major tourist destinations list, they have a sure, rustic charm that’s beguiling and attractive, and a massive break from the hustle and bustle of crowded metros or mega tourist attractions.

Say for example a place like Owensboro. This fourth-largest city in Kentucky is a delight for the travel-weary. Located on the southern banks of River Ohio, this scenic city is believed by many to be the cultural, medical, culinary, industrial, and retail hub of western Kentucky.

There is an amazing variety of things to see and do here, from something as leisurely as fishing to something as fine as seeing live performances of the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra.

There are many locally-owned restaurants here where you can sample yummy dishes made using home-grown ingredients. Many travelers consider their bus trips in Owensboro, KY, incomplete without having enjoyed the city’s signature hickory-smoked barbeque mutton and burgoo.

Other fun activities

You can spend hours playing water sports on the Ohio River or enjoy ice activities in the municipal ice arena. There are several municipal parks here too, where you can play golf, football, tennis, or softball. 

Those who prefer cerebral enjoyment can head over to the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art and the Owensboro Museum of Science and History to check out their expansive collections and exhibits.

Owensboro is known as the Bluegrass Capital of the world. It has the famous Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame and Museum which focuses on the history of Bluegrass music. You can see posters, vintage instruments, costumes, films, and artworks related to this genre of music here.

You must keep some time free to check out the O Z Tyler Distillery. Founded in 1885, this distillery has survived many hardships and it is still standing. You can take a tour here to understand how whiskey is made, right from grain to barrel, and sample some delightfully fine whiskey to boot!

For those who love to shop, the next stop is the Town Square Mall. You can peek at the latest offerings of its two department stores and pick up whatever you like. Otherwise, you can pamper yourself with a mani-pedi at Top Nails or Bath and Body Works. There are lots of eating options here as well, like Ben’s Pretzels, Great American Cookies, or Applebee’s Grill & Bar.

If you are searching for bus trips near me, plan your next trip to the relaxed Owensboro. Just a few days here and you will feel recharged to tackle the daily grind once again!