Coupon Marketing Strategies: Give Discounts, Get A Lot More

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Grabbing the attention of an online shopper can be difficult. As long as you’re not offering something unique that can differentiate you from others, you won’t achieve this goal at all.

So, how are you going to solve this business equation?

Well, I can think of one – offering a discount coupon or two. It can help you connect with the audience first-hand (to offer information about the concession) and pique their interest too.

But, here’s the thing.

Simply offering a single noon discount coupon or something as such isn’t going to be helpful for you. You’ll need to create something more strategic and less-obvious.

Keep reading to know more about it.

How To Create A Coupon Marketing Strategy?

Creating a coupon marketing strategy can be a little tricky at the beginning. Thus, in case you don’t end up making a mistake, we’ve made a comprehensive guide for you here. 

Tip – 1: Personalize Everything

Yes, yes. Offering a discount and all is fine. But, if you want to truly grab the attention of the audience base, you have to personalize your discount coupons properly. 

However, before you start working on it, we’ll ask you to talk to your consumers and ask the type of coupon they want. It’d help you connect with them more closely.

Tip – 2: Go For A Single-Use Code

Curating a generic discount promo code can be quite risky. If someone shares them online, more and more people will get access and use them on your website.

Hence, whenever you’re creating a code, ensure that it can be used only once. This way, you can keep your audience interested while increasing your revenue quickly.

Tip – 3: A Sense Of Urgency Should Be There

If your audience feels like they’ve all the time in the world to make a move, they’ll not take any action quickly. And, this won’t be too good for your business and revenue generation.

So, you can work on this side by providing a time limit to use the promo code. Most people tend to use seven days as their marketing norm. But, you may settle for something less too. 

Tip – 4: Incorporate Another Deal 

Offering a 20% discount on something is definitely amazing. However, if you want to make the offer a little more ludicrous, it might be better to throw another deal in the same.

For example, you may choose to provide free shipping with the discount to make everything a little more convenient for your consumer. Or, providing a free gift can be quite alluring too.

Tip – 5: Change Up The Distribution Channels

Sending a coupon via email is definitely an exciting strategy. I mean, according to a report, it can increase almost 48% of revenue for your business. 

However, emails usually don’t get opened instantly. It might take a day or two for the person to check it out and be interested about the prospect.

Hence, if you want to generate leads quickly, I will suggest you utilize a different distribution channel, like Facebook or Instagram. 

Tip – 6: Use A Creative Visual

I mean, yes – offering a discount out of nowhere is, indeed, exciting. Nonetheless, if you can curate the same with a creative visual or two, it’ll look even more eye-catching. 

Just ensure that you’re offering an adequate amount of information regarding the sale. And, try to incorporate a different color for the font of the writing for a complete presentation.

Tip – 7: Provide A Customer Reward Program

Yes, yes, I know. Offering a discount on your product range is already rewarding enough for your audience. Why do you have to provide something even more? Wouldn’t it hurt you?

Well, if you’re considering the short-run, then yes. Proffering more rewards after they make a purchase won’t really be ideal for your revenue generation goals.

Nevertheless, it can help you prompt loyalty amongst your audience base. Hence, even after the event ends, they’ll keep coming back and buy from you.

Investing In Coupon Marketing Strategies – The Catch?

Whether you believe it or not, coupon marketing has become quite a sophisticated marketing tool already. For example, it can help you drive sales, boost consumer loyalty, and assist in building your brand reputation to some extent. Therefore, if you can implement the same properly, it’ll definitely improve your overall revenue massively.

However, there’s a catch. Implementing a coupon marketing service can cost quite a lot of money for your corporation. 

Like, even if you’re offering a small discount, you’ll need to pay the extra price from your pocket. Thus, whenever you think about offering a promo code, try to increase the cost of the available product range to some extent. This way, it’ll be easier to catch-up to the amount of money you’re leveraging for your audience.