4 Reasons Why Custom Packaging is Essential for Your eCommerce Brand

Custom Packaging

If you want your brand to retain its ‘top of the mind recall’ amongst the minds of your target audience, it is imperative that you pay a lot of attention to its branding activities. Here, the packaging will play a vital role. This is because it plays a key role in the creation of brand equity and subsequently, brand loyalty.  

If they like the packaging, it will create a positive impression and this, in turn, will motivate them to go ahead and purchase your brand’s products all the more. This holds truer for eCommerce-related online brands than brands that are also available in brick and mortar stores. In the case of the latter, they are available at POS or point of sale outlets so people can recall them when they go to make a purchase. However, online brands will only be available when they are delivered to the end customer. Hence, their extreme importance for all virtual or online brands. Let us check out a few of the top reasons why you should opt for custom packaging to promote your eCommerce brand. 

  1. It will boost overall brand recognition

Here, both brand awareness, as well as overall brand recognition, must always be an important component of your eCommerce marketing strategy. Some of the largest companies such as Apple and Samsung and even Intel spend a lot of money on their custom packaging so that the packaging and by extension, their products stand out from the rest of the clutter out there. Such packaging is considered the ideal way to retain the bran’s relevance in the minds of their target audience. 

By opting for unique packaging that stands out from all of your online and offline industry competitors, you will be able to make sure that just about everyone from the customer to the delivery driver, and everyone in-between knows your brand name. If your custom packaging is eye-catching enough, they will actively search for your brand online and purchase your products. 

  1. They ensure the safety of your product during shipping

Shipping products, especially regulated products, is never as easy as it looks. In fact, it is one of the single most challenging aspects of just about any eCommerce-related business. If your products are broken in transit, or the box and package are open then it will create an extremely negative impression of your brand. This is why last mile delivery is so challenging and retailers go out of their way to ensure that their products land safely and securely at their customers’ doors. This holds particularly true for cannabis since it is a very expensive and fragile item. Here cannabis custom packaging will go a long way in elevating such fears and ensuring flawless delivery every time. 

  1. It will always add value to the customer experience

There is a reason why unboxing videos are so popular on YouTube and beyond. People love to see fancy custom packaging and unboxing of the products inside. It not only adds value to the customer experience it also creates a sense of anticipation as well. As a matter of fact, there exist many videos where people only review the custom packaging itself. Not the product that goes with it! It is very simple really. No one really likes to get their brand new and exciting products in a boring paper bag or cardboard box. Whenever you send your products in high-quality custom packing, you are creating a statement. One that will lift you head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd and ensure greater penetration of your brand in the target market. 

  1. It will create social media buzz

Social media reviews are widely considered to be more authentic than their advertising counterparts. Since social media reviews consist of fellow users and peers, they carry a lot more weight. Here, people would be a lot more inclined to review products with great and eye-catching custom packaging.   

  • Conclusion

If you want to make a mark and create an awesome brand in the cannabis industry, you will have to invest in cannabis custom packaging to attract more and more customers. Good luck!