Emma Roberts is Becoming Hollywood’s Top Young Actress

Emma Roberts

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It took no time for Emma Roberts to become one of the top young actresses in Hollywood today. She has been lauded by movie audiences for quick-witted dialogue often associated with real-life situations depicted on the screen. Critics raved about Roberts’ ability to play a character with a sense of realism that other actresses in her age group fail to grasp. It is not out of the realm of possibility to say she is on her way to becoming a movie star. 

Roberts is Hollywood Royalty

Roberts comes from Hollywood Royalty as her father, Eric Roberts, is an Oscar-nominated actor for his role in Runaway Train and the niece of Academy Award winner Julia Roberts. Not surprisingly, she spent her days on a movie set as a youngster. Roberts loved the environment as it inspired her to pursue an acting career.

She made her acting debut alongside Johnny Depp in the crime drama Blow. Roberts portrayed the daughter of Depp’s character. The movie producers were unaware of her relationship with her famous father and aunt, as Roberts had to audition for the role.

Soon after, Roberts received her breakthrough role in the Nickelodeon teen comedy sitcom Unfabulous. The show’s premise was to show teen life struggles in high school. Roberts was the main character, Addie Singer, who express herself through music. The show was on the air for three seasons. The cast filmed a made-for-TV movie that was broadcast between the second and third seasons.

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Road to Stardom

Emma Roberts

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Roberts has acted in close to 40 feature films and a cast member of six television programs. Early in her career, she feared being typecast as the villain in projects. But Roberts showed her acting range in the American Horror Story analogy series.

All of her characters appear to be rough around the edges, but Roberts captures the audience’s attention by perfectly showing their inner emotions scene after scene. Roberts was attracted to the show because of its unique storylines. She felt series creator Ryan Murphy allows actors to expand their roles during the filming process. Roberts received positive reviews for taking on a similar role and putting a different spin on how the character ended up in her current situation. 

Other famous roles for the talented actress include being a public defender in the legal drama Who We Are Now, a pop singer in Celeste and Jesse Forever and the main antagonist in Scream 4. No question, Roberts has an impressive list of movie roles. She has received positive reviews for her recent performances. You can expect Roberts to take on more complex roles that should challenge her acting skills. 

Roberts has become a favorite among movie watchers because of her versatility in playing roles in different movie genres. Critics love her sensitive portrayal of troubled characters, whether the performance was in a drama, comedy or horror film. It will not be long before she becomes a major movie star in her own right.