FIFA Men’s World Cup 2022 – A Brief Guide


You can play multiple games online and have a gala time. The pandemic has taught us how important it is to pay attention to our mental health, and sometimes, just a round or two of an online game can help you. It might sound vague, but they help with concentration, skill, cognitive abilities, and more.

The games vary from card games to simple ones like Ludo and carrom, which make us nostalgic. You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing a game. The best part about this virtual world is that they provide a quick escapade, and you can stay at home and have a fun time. You do not need to go out to have fun and tell us one thing – don’t you think going to parties and spending a lot of cash is outdated? You should instead invest, stay at home and save some money. Now you must be wondering – how will you socialize? Well, through these platforms. Yes, social media is there, but can you imagine the fun you will get from challenging your sibling over a game of rummy or Ludo? Or maybe, fantasy cricket!! Time to brag about your winnings as well.

However, one fantasy game is viral amongst gaming enthusiasts. Yes, you got that right – we are talking about fantasy football. Fantasy football has a huge fan base because it is made for football enthusiasts. Plenty of online applications where you can play this game. If you are wondering whether these sites are legal or not, let us tell you that they are entirely legal. You can even withdraw money with their help of them. If you win a fantasy football game, you can also get attractive cash prizes. It is also said that around 70% of NFL players play fantasy food world.

How Cool is That?

This blog will focus on FIFA Men’s World Cup 2022. We will try to go through the points so you can up your fantasy football game.

What is so different in Fantasy Football in FIFA men’s World Cup 2022?

Unlike before, this time, it will be a winter World Cup. Since the location is Qatar, summer would have been too extreme for football and painful for the players. The league football season is passed midway through this international tournament.

How Many People Will Watch FIFA World Cup 2022?

As per research and statistics, viewership will reach 500 crores. In this regard, it should be known that 2.35 crore people applied for the game tickets.

President Gianni Infantino said that Qatar 2022 would be watched by 5 billion people, which is a whopping number. Plenty of tickets have already been sold out, and people look forward to this significant event. President also said, “But thanks to FIFA, thanks to football, we have been able to address the status of all the 1.5 million workers working in Qatar.”

When was the Draw Made?

In April, the World Cup finals drew at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center in Doha, Qatar.

Which Teams have Qualified for the Game?

As a football enthusiast, you have to find out a few things. For instance, the teams which have qualified for the game. Find below the complete list:















United States








South Korea





Saudi Arabia



Costa Rica


Will Following FIFA Help me Win Fantasy Football Games?

Yes, following the game will undoubtedly help you win. You have to keep the forms of the players in mind so that you can win easily. Just make sure you go through the rules and regulations once because they might differ from one application to another.

What is the 2022 Match Ball?

Adidas has come up with the World Cup 2022 match ball, known as ‘Al Rihla,’ on March 30. Al Rihla translates to ‘the journey’ in Arabic. Coverage in the UK will be shared between BBC and ITV. 

Who Might Win the Game?

Brazil has a high chance of winning!

France also has a good chance, followed by England and Spain. Other good teams are Germany, Argentina, and Belgium, followed by The Netherlands, a dark horse. 

This time the sensation is high as it would be held in the Middle East, which is pretty exciting. It will happen in November and December. 

What are the Groups for World Cup 2022?

You also need about the groups!

Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands

Group B has Iran, England, the US, Wales

Group C has Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Poland

Group D, on the other hand, includes France, Australia, Denmark, and Tunisia

Group E has Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, and Japan

Group F has Belgium, Canada, Morocco, and Croatia

Group G has Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, and Cameroon

Group H has Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, and South Korea

How to Buy the Tickets?

It went on sale in January at

Now that you know it all gear up for FIFA, and in the meantime, download fantasy football and start playing.

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