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Hollywood Stars Who Love Argentina and the Spanish Language


Several Hollywood celebrities have shown great fanaticism and love for Argentina. Some of them feel this way because they have lived in that country at some point, and others simply because they love its language, culture, and lifestyle. 

Argentina is characterized (among many other things) for being a very passionate country, with very friendly, chatty, and extroverted people, which makes many of its visitors fall in love with it.

Many of these artists speak Spanish perfectly and have even managed to acquire an accent worthy of an Argentine citizen, as is the case of Anya Taylor Joy, for example. This has made many people want to learn Spanish, as the language has experienced a boom. 

Spanish is a language to fall in love with, even more so if it comes from the mouths of these movie icons. Let’s see who the artists love in the southern country, its language, and customs.

Anya Taylor Joy, a huge lover of Argentina

According to her statements, the actress loves to travel to Argentina because that’s where she can disconnect. Anya lived in the country until she was six years old, which is why she has a perfect command of the language and an Argentine accent that surprises everyone. Because she has mentioned this many times in her interviews and has demonstrated her linguistic skills, people from all over the world have traveled to learn spanish buenos aires, the capital of Argentina.

Every time Anya travels to Argentina, her name becomes a trending topic in a minute, and the networks explode. She always comments on how important it is for her to be able to visit the country, and she usually does it in Spanish! 

Viggo Mortensen

Viggo is, without a doubt, Argentina’s number one fan, so much so that many people think he is Argentinian, but they are wrong. Mr. Mortensen was born in New York City, but in 1960 his parents, cattle ranchers, decided to try their luck in Argentina. Since then, the actor has been fascinated by the country’s culture, but at 12, he had to return to New York after his parent’s divorce.

Although his time in Argentina was not long, it was enough to become a fan of San Lorenzo de Almagro, one of the country’s great soccer clubs. 

To this day, Viggo visits Buenos Aires regularly to enjoy the typical food, his porteño friends, and the intense and fun life of the city.

Tommy Lee Jones

The famous Texas-born, Oscar-winning actor has been an inveterate polo fan for years, and he has found the ideal place to practice it in Argentina. He visits the country at least once a year to stay with the significant figures of Argentine polo, such as polo player Adolfo Cambiaso.

Roger Waters

Roger Waters has declared on numerous occasions his love for Argentina, and not only for its beauty, but he is also interested in the country’s national causes, such as the problem of the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands and the search for people who disappeared during the last military dictatorship. The artist often speaks out in the networks in favor of the entities that struggle to solve these problems. 

He also speaks Spanish well and has become a trendy character among Argentines.

Robert De Niro

The American actor, born in New York and winning two Oscars, has emotional and economic ties with Argentina. He often visits the country for both business and pleasure.

His first experience in Argentina was in 1981 when he traveled to promote the movie Raging Bull, and since then, he has been madly in love with the country and its culture. In 2011 he even wanted to make his wine after a visit to the province of Mendoza.

De Niro also became a close friend of Lito Cruz, a friendship forged in 1986 and lasted until the day of Lito’s death. They used to share meetings every time the actor visited the city.

Robert has filmed several projects in Argentina. In 1985 he traveled to the Iguazú Falls in Misiones to film the movie “La Mision” where he played Rodrigo Mendoza, an indigenous slave hunter. During this year, he also traveled to Buenos Aires to film the series “Nada”, which will be released in 2023.

Alexis Bledel

One of the actresses of “Gilmore Girls” is, in fact, half Argentinian, on her father’s side, Martin. Martin, who was born in Argentina, was a flight attendant; and married Nannete (Alexis´ mother), who was born in Phoenix but always lived in Mexico. Therefore, Alexis considers herself Latina, as her parents raised her in Mexican and Argentinian customs. Because her father is a musician, Alexis has spent her childhood listening to tango and typical Argentinian music.

Alexis speaks Spanish very well. She didn’t learn to speak English until she started attending school. During her visit to the country, she met several local celebrities for different experiences, such as visiting Boca’s stadium (“La Bombonera”), drinking mate, and eating a delicious asado with wine, among many other things. At the moment of her departure, she declared that during her stay, she felt at home during her stay and that she could not wait to visit Argentina again.

Al Pacino

One of Hollywood’s most awarded actors is a big fan of Argentina. The award-winning actor has been in a 10-year love affair with an Argentinean woman named Lucila Polak. It was she who introduced him to Argentine customs and the beauty of the country.

Al has visited Argentina several times and even performed at the famous Colon Theater in 2016 in front of hundreds of people.