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How Much Does a Gardener Cost in Dublin?


According to Gardenpro, gardens require a lot of attention and care in order to maintain its curb appeal and, more importantly, in order to make your neighbours envy of your property.

On average, hiring a gardener in Dublin can set you back anything from €35 to €75 per hour of their time. A hefty price tag may be attached to specialty operations such as aerating a lawn because these jobs typically need the hiring of specialised equipment or other materials.

What an Average Hourly Rate for a Gardener in Dublin Looks Like

When hiring a gardener from outside of your company in Dublin, you should budget for an hourly charge that ranges from €51 on the low end to €211 on the high end, on average. Depending on the type of work that needs to be done, professional gardening services with qualified landscapers may charge anywhere from €35 to €111 an hour in labour costs. Prices can change depending on your location as well as other specific aspects such as the current state of your garden, the amount of work that needs to be done, the total number of hours, etc.

If there is not an excessive amount of work to be done or particular requirements that demand skilled professional gardeners, you may be able to receive a reduced fee by locating a gardener who is only semi-skilled or unskilled to tend to your plants. When compared to hiring a gardener for a one-time job, keeping a gardener on retainer who is either permanently employed or one of two gardeners is less expensive. On the other hand, there are circumstances in which it would be more prudent to hire a gardener for the day, particularly if the garden is very small or contains plants that require little maintenance.

  • Mowing the lawn costs €1.21 per square foot.
  • Aeration of the lawn costs €1.91 per square foot.
  • Overseeding Square Footage €1.19
  • The price of weeding a 1.4-acre land is €151.
  • Sq. ft. Fertilizing €1.21
  • The cost of tree and shrub cutting for an hour is €121.
  • Mulching gardens, sq. ft. €1.21
  • Thatching an area of 1111 square feet costs €211.
  • Garden clearance Cleaning up garbage and raking leaves costs an hourly rate of €21 plus disposal fees of €221.
  • The cost of installing sod is $2.21 per square foot in total.

The Typical Rate Charged by a Gardener for One Visit

The total cost of a single visit to your garden is mostly determined by the tasks that need to be completed as well as the amount of time that the gardener will spend working on your property. However, the price might range anywhere from €151 to €251 in Dublin on average.

The size of your garden and the quantity of work that needs to be done will determine the number of gardeners that will need to be brought in during each visit. This will also affect the total cost that you will incur. Generally speaking, a single gardener is capable of doing simple gardening tasks such as mulching and weeding. However, for more complex jobs such as hydro mulching, pruning, lawn aeration, or dethatching, two or more gardeners may be required because they may need to use heavy equipment to complete the task.

The quantity of work that has to be done and the demand for gardeners during the peak growing season in the spring and early fall in Dublin tend to draw typically higher rates. Seasonal visits normally tend to attract higher rates because of this. Maintaining a long-term relationship with a single landscaper, gardener, or landscaping company, or employing a permanent gardener on a retainer, are all ways to increase your chances of receiving standard or discounted rates.

What Does Garden Maintenance Include?

The following is what you should anticipate being worked on by your gardener:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Aeration of the Grass
  • Overseeding
  • Weeding
  • Fertilizing
  • Shrub Trimming
  • Mulching gardens
  • Laying turf

When Should You Hire a Gardener to Mow Your Lawn, and Why Should You Do So?

Mowing a lawn is typically laborious labour that also requires some level of talent in order to be done correctly. It would be in your best interest to hire a gardener or landscaper to take care of this for you. If they are provided with a quality lawn mower and rake and instructed on how to use them, even inexperienced or just partially skilled gardeners are capable of producing satisfactory results in their work.

The majority of self-employed gardeners will be pleased to work on your lawn in addition to any other tasks you may assign them that are within their skill set. Other possible tasks include weeding, fertilising, and pruning. In addition, if you hire a gardener to work full-time, they will be able to cut your grass more frequently while maintaining the same retainer fee that was previously agreed upon. You have the option of negotiating either a fixed charge depending on the size of your lawn or an hourly rate with professional lawn care businesses or gardeners who are brought in from the outside.

How Much Does It Typically Cost to Employ a Gardener to Cut the Grass?

Depending on your neighbourhood and the season, the hourly charge for lawn mowing services in Dublin can range anywhere from €17 to €35, on average. This rate is determined by your zip code. There is also the option to pay the gardener based on the size of your lawn, with fees beginning at €45 for a quarter of an acre, which is around the average size of a home lawn in Dublin. Depending on the state of the lawn and the number of hours put in, the cost to mow a third of an acre (1/3) can range from €55 to €61, while the cost to mow an entire acre can range from €81 to €111.

Gardeners frequently require more time in order to trim an overgrown lawn into the ideal shape, complete with uniform hedges and the correct length of grass. You can anticipate the prices to be a little bit more at this stage, but they will drop again in the future after the grass is in good condition. If you have been keeping your lawn and all you need is the grass cut shorter, you can certainly try to negotiate a lower price with the lawn care company.

How Often Should I Cut the Grass on My Property?

The frequency with which you should cut the grass on your property is determined by a variety of factors, including the type of grass, the time of year, the geographic location, and your own personal preferences. During the growth season, you should have your grass cut on your lawn at least once every two weeks in order to prevent thatching and to keep the grass from growing longer than an inch and a half.

During the growth season, grasses that grow quickly like Bermudagrass need to have their blades trimmed at least once every ten days. Having said that, the decision of when to mow your grass is ultimately up to your own inclination or the advice of your gardener, provided you have someone who regularly tends to your property in the capacity of a gardener.

What Kind of Services Should I Anticipate Receiving from a Lawn Mowing Company?

If you choose to employ a gardener to cut your grass, you should anticipate that when they are on your property, they will complete the majority of the following tasks, if not all of them:

Mowing is the process of cutting grass on your lawn to the appropriate length.


The lawn’s edges are shaped and trimmed to the appropriate shape through the process of edging, which is done for aesthetic reasons. If you hire a professional gardener to add edges and shapes to your lawn that are more involved but look better, the professional gardener may charge you extra.

Raking leaves

The gardener will, of course, be responsible for ensuring that the cut grass and any other debris are collected, and this can be done by hand with a standard garden rake or automatically with a lawn vacuum if one is available.

Additionally, this should entail sweeping the drives and sidewalks, as well as bagging the grass and disposing of it.

Elimination of Weeds

As part of the lawn mowing service, the gardener will pull out all of the weeds and any other plants that aren’t wanted that are growing in your yard. If necessary, they can get rid of it by pulling it out of the ground, cutting it with a lawnmower, or spraying it with weed killer.

Further services available.

Lawn care companies might also provide additional services, such as seeding, aeration, dethatching, watering, hydro mulching or hydroseeding, applying fertiliser, and so on.

The expenditures associated with tree and shrub trimming

When you hire a gardener, they are also responsible for maintaining the shape of the bushes and trees on your property. This is an activity that can be carried out by any gardener or yard worker as part of the services they provide, and the rate that is typically charged for it is by the hour. You should budget between €17 and €45 per hour for tree and shrub pruning services in Dublin, depending on whether you hire a professional gardener or an untrained gardener. The hourly rates range from €111 to €311 and are determined by the total quantity of work to be completed, as well as the working circumstances and any other relevant considerations.

It is important to prune bushy shrubs on a regular basis in order to keep them in good shape and size. This is especially important during the growing season, right after they have bloomed. Gardeners have a broad variety of equipment at their disposal, such as pruning shears and loppers, that they can use to cut the margins of the shrub to achieve the desired shape and size of the shrub.

Shrub pruning is a laborious and time-consuming activity, despite the fact that it could appear to be a straightforward and even pleasurable chore. If you don’t have the time or energy to spend the whole day working on your shrubs, you should consider hiring a gardener to take care of them for you. Normal gardeners are capable of doing the job effectively, but for more difficult tasks, professional arborist with the appropriate training may be required.

Tree trimming and pruning involve removing some branches and leaves from an established tree for a variety of purposes, including the preparation of a cyclone or tropical storm. It may be necessary to remove dead branches and leaves from the tree in order to preserve the tree’s health or for safety considerations. However, leaves may also be trimmed for aesthetic reasons.

In comparison to less competent or unskilled gardeners, hiring a professional gardener who has a solid foundational knowledge of trees is the best option. Before having your gardener prune any trees that are growing on your property, either inside or outside, you might want to check to see whether you need a permission first.

Garden weeding costs

If you hire a gardener, one of the primary things you should anticipate them doing is pulling weeds. This is true regardless of how competent or experienced the gardener is.

Eliminating plants from your garden or lawn that are unwanted, invasive, or otherwise undesirable is the primary focus of this labor-intensive physical task. Manual weeding involves physically cutting undesired plants down to the ground and pulling out their roots. It may also require applying weed killer spray to the plants in the garden. Because it may be fairly monotonous and time-consuming, the vast majority of homeowners in Dublin would rather have someone else complete the task instead of doing it themselves.

When it Comes to Weeding, How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Gardener?

Even while weeding is typically included in a much larger number of other services that gardeners in Dublin offer, you may still hire a gardener to help you deal with the weeds for a day or two while you or someone else takes care of other tasks.

In most parts of the country, employing a gardener to pull weeds will set you back between €21 and €35 per hour on average. This range accounts for the majority of the expense. Due to the fact that the removal of weeds could take anywhere from an hour to a half day depending on the approach taken and the size of your garden, you should budget somewhere in the range of €151 to €211 for the overall cost of weeding services.

Which Method Is More Effective, Manual Weeding or Weed Killer?

When compared to laborious weeding, using a weed killer to get rid of weeds could end up being both more cost-effective and more convenient. On the other hand, chemical weed killers may also have an effect on the other plants in your garden as well as the environment in the surrounding area. In the same vein, the cost of purchasing a weed killer will range anywhere from fifty-one to one hundred and fifty-one euros for you. Because of this, you should only use a chemical weed killer if it is the only alternative available to get rid of your weed problem. If this is not the case, then the safest and most environmentally friendly technique is to manually pull the weeds. It should come as no surprise that there is also an option for organic weed killers that are not only effective but also risk-free.

Should I Work on It Myself or Should I Hire a Gardener?

Weeding is a simple task that can be completed independently by anyone who has sufficient time. You may get rid of the majority of weeds in your garden by using fundamental gardening tools, but it will take a lot of time and effort on your part to complete the task. You can make things simpler for yourself by enlisting the assistance of some other people, but hiring a skilled gardener to handle the work for you would be the most convenient solution. It all boils down to personal style and how much work you are willing to put into maintaining the yard.

When it comes to mulching, how much does it cost to hire a gardener?

Mulching is a service that most gardeners charge by the hour for rather than basing their rates on the total surface area or quantity of labour involved. If you want to hire a gardener solely for the purpose of mulching, you can expect to pay anywhere between €25 and €51 per hour on average. This range is dependent on your zip code as well as other factors. When it comes to the cost of mulching services, you should be prepared to pay anywhere from €251 to €511 on average. This does not include the cost of mulch, which can range anywhere from $15 to $65 per yard depending on the variety and quality of mulch used.

Cost of Garden Debris Removal

After some building work, strong rains, yard work, or other activities, the debris that was left behind in your yard or garden may need to be cleaned up. In most cases, this will require either raking debris out of your yard or transporting goods from one location to another. This is a manual activity that does not call for any specific talents and may be performed by anyone who is willing to work. This indicates that you can hire someone to clean up the debris for a rate as low as €7.25 per hour (minimum wage).

However, if there is a significant amount of heavy material to be removed, such as downed trees, collapsed roofs, or demolished structures, the prices may be higher. Before agreeing on a price for this, you will want to have the gardener or independent handyman examine the area first. When creating the estimations, you should also take into account any additional costs, such as the cost of the equipment. For instance, utilising a lawn vacuum to remove debris from your lawn rather than raking it out is a more time- and labor-efficient way to get the job done, but renting a lawn vacuum will set you back more money.

Lawn and Garden Fertilizing Costs

As part of the routine activities they perform, gardeners are also accountable for administering fertiliser to the plants in their care. Any gardener, regardless of their level of expertise or amount of experience, is capable of handling the process of applying fertiliser because it is a straightforward task that just requires access to the appropriate fertiliser and tools.

If you want to engage a gardener or an unskilled freelance worker to deal entirely with fertilisation, you should plan on paying between €11 and €25 per hour for their services. During the course of the work, you should check to see that they are donning the appropriate personal protection equipment and that they are applying the appropriate amount of fertiliser.

The expense of aerating a lawn

Aerating a lawn involves removing thatch and loosening the soil in your lawn. This makes it possible for water and fertiliser to reach the roots of the grass, which in turn encourages the grass to grow and sprout.

Gardeners who have access to an aerator or other specialised raking equipment may aerate your lawn whenever it is necessary. The hourly rate that they charge typically ranges between €35 and €111, depending on the quantity of work that needs to be done and the level of their expertise.

If you want your grass to have better air circulation, you should look for a trained gardener or a landscaping professional to do the job for you. When they operate on their own, some semi-skilled or unskilled handymen may not know how to aerate a lawn or how to run the machinery that do it.

The price of installing turf

It is not necessary to hire a qualified professional in order to lay new grass on your lawn because the process is primarily a manual one and entails placing pieces of turf on soil that has already been prepared. If you hired a handyman or gardener to put the turf for you, they could charge anything from €7.51 (the minimum pay) to €12 an hour. Typically, a professional lawn care or landscaping crew in Dublin will do other duties in addition to laying turf as part of their services.


How Much Should I Pay Someone to Weed My Garden If I Hire Them?

If you want someone to weed your lawn in Dublin for you, you should expect to pay between €25 and €35 per hour. Weeding a typical yard can take anywhere from two to four hours, which means the total cost might be anything from 151 to 211 euros. The final cost, on the other hand, will be determined by the size of your lawn, the quantity of work that has to be done, and any other criteria that you and the gardener or landscaping business have discussed and agreed upon.

How Much Should I Invest on the Most Fundamental Lawn Care?

Lawn mowing, watering, fertiliser application, and other standard lawn maintenance tasks are included in basic lawn care. If you hire a gardener to take care of these chores on a weekly basis, it will cost you between €51 and €111. You also have the option of hiring a gardener either on an ongoing retainer basis or on an hourly basis. In Dublin, the average hourly wage for a trained gardener is somewhere between €15 and €25.

To get a modest vegetable garden off the ground in Dublin, a minimum investment of 251 Euros is required. This first expenditure will go toward the acquisition of raw materials like seeds, fertiliser, plants, fundamental equipment like gloves, and soil, among other things. You may cut costs and save money by composting food and yard waste at home and investing in an efficient watering system.

Starting and keeping a healthy garden is a challenging endeavour that involves a lot of hard work, dedication, and careful attention to detail. This is especially true if you live in a city or other densely populated location. Although it may appear to be a straightforward task, it actually isn’t.

How Often Should You Have Someone Take Care of Your Garden?

In most cases, the answer to this question will depend on your requirements as well as the current state of your garden. You have the option of arranging for a gardener to come when there is work to be done and paying them for that day’s labour; alternatively, you can have them come at predetermined intervals to perform standard gardening tasks such as weeding, mowing, pruning, and so on. If you enter into a long-term deal with a gardening or landscaping company in your area, you may be eligible for price reductions and other benefits.

Does It Make Sense for My Gardener to Have Insurance?

It is crucial to ensure any domestic worker that you have on your payroll since it will assist them in obtaining compensation or medical care in the event that they are injured or become ill.

While the rules of some Dublin allow companies to provide worker’s compensation insurance on a voluntary basis, the laws of other Dublin make it a necessary necessity for employers to do so.