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How Much Will It Cost to Install Laminate Flooring in 2022?

Laminate Flooring

One of the most popular flooring alternatives for Dublin homes is laminate flooring. It’s an excellent flooring option with many different design styles to match in with the decor of your home because it can be spread over practically any surface.

In this article, we’ll look more closely at laminate flooring, including how much it costs to install, what factors into that cost, how to save money, and how to find a laminate flooring installer.

What Is the Price of Laminate Flooring?

The two main expenses associated with installing laminate flooring are the labour charges and the supply costs for the flooring itself. The anticipated costs for laminate flooring are shown in the table below.


  • small (11 square metres). for 3 to 4 hours, from €181 to €471
  • Medium (15 square metres) for 4 to 6 hours, costs from €271 to €715
  • large (21 square metres). 361-394 euros for six to eight hours

The chart shows that there are many rates listed for installing laminate flooring of various sizes, and that these prices will vary from installer to installer.

Some installers will bill by the square foot, which is typically anticipated to cost between €8 and €12 per square foot. Others are more likely to bill by the day, which is typically around €151 per day.

The anticipated total cost for labour and supplies for the installation of laminate flooring in a small room (about ten square metres) is between €181 and €471. Installation is anticipated to take between three and four hours.

The supply and labour costs to install laminate flooring in a medium-sized room (about 15 square metres) range from €271 to €715 in total. Installation is anticipated to take between four and six hours.

A large room (about 21 square metres) will be the most expensive to install laminate flooring in; the projected supply and labour expenses for this size room range from €361 to €941. On a job this size, installation is anticipated to take six to eight hours to complete.

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What Factors Affect Laminate Flooring Installation Costs?

When determining how much it will cost to install laminate flooring, a number of elements will be involved. It’s wise to be aware of these elements in advance because they will all affect the ultimate pricing differently.

Laminate Choice

The fact that laminate flooring is offered in a variety of styles is one of its many benefits. This implies that the chances of you finding a laminate floor type that matches the decor of your home are very high.

There are a variety of laminate flooring options available, each with a different price tag. This is due to the steps used in laminate production and the materials required to produce various laminate effects.

The most popular laminate effects in Dublin are included in the table below along with an estimate of their cost.


  • Slate effect costs between €11 and €21 per square metre, tax included.
  • Between €15 and €35 per square metre, including VAT, is what the oak effect costs.
  • Between €15 and €31 per square metre, including VAT, is what the walnut effect costs.
  • Between €15 to €21 per square metre, including VAT, is what the chestnut effect costs.
  • Between €21 to €31 per square metre, including VAT, is what the pine effect costs.

The price of laminate flooring with a slate impression is reportedly between €11 and €21 per square metre, including VAT.

An oak-looking laminate floor is anticipated to cost between €15 and €35 per square metre, including VAT.

The anticipated price for laminate flooring with a walnut look, including VAT, ranges from €15 to €31 per square metre.

Chestnut-looking laminate flooring is a common option and is estimated to cost between €15 and €21 per square metre, including VAT.

The pine effect is one of the most expensive laminate flooring options to choose from, with prices ranging from €21 to €31 per square metre including VAT.

Area Size

As you can see from the first table in this price guide, the size of the room will also have a significant impact on the overall cost of installing laminate flooring.

Larger rooms will require more materials and labour to complete the installation, which will increase as the room size increases. Because of this, you should anticipate that any quote for a room that is larger than 21 square metres would be in the higher end of the price range.

Between €361 and €941 is the range of supply and labour costs for a room of this size. On a job this size, installation is anticipated to take six to eight hours to complete.


Laying an effective and high-quality underlay is a really good idea when installing new flooring.

An underlay normally comes in the form of a foam sheet and ranges in thickness from 5 to 15 mm. Underlays are made to dampen vibrations and insulate the flooring.

If you plan to install laminate flooring, it’s crucial to think about getting a proper underlay put because there may be some noise issues with laminate flooring.

An underlay will protect the flooring from being as noisy and prevent you from perhaps encountering issues with your neighbours. Underlay typically costs between €21 and €51 for 21 m2 of material, and the price may vary based on the material’s grade.

Skirting and Scotia

Flooring will have edges, which are typically concealed or embellished with skirting boards that run along the room’s edges. Depending on size and style, skirting boards usually cost between €11 and €21.

When planning your budget for flooring installation, it’s a good idea to think about the type of skirting boards you want because the last thing you want is for the room to look incomplete or for you to discover that you underestimated the expense of installing skirting.

You can line the boundaries of the room with scotia beading as a less expensive alternative to skirting boards. You should expect to pay between €2 and €4 for 2.4 metre strips of scotia beading.

Flooring Heating

Before the laminate is set on top, any underfloor heating will need to be installed, which will raise the project’s overall cost.

Check out MsFlooring’s guide on underfloor heating costs if you want to learn more about the potential cost of installing underfloor heating. You should anticipate paying more than €2,111 to install a floor heating system.

How Can I Get Laminate Flooring Cheaper?

Try to choose the least expensive laminate effect. Consider installing laminate flooring that has an oak or slate appearance. If you select this look over a more exotic wood flooring effect, businesses should give you a considerably lower estimate.

If you want to save money, you can choose to use beading for the finishing rather than skirting board because it is a less expensive choice.

If you want to install the laminate flooring yourself, you can significantly reduce the cost. While not the most challenging DIY project, it still requires accuracy and experience because you must ensure that all the boards have been cut to the proper measurements and have a clear understanding of how to attach them without causing harm.

It’s probably preferable to employ a professional fitter to install your flooring if you’re unsure of the procedure.

Look for sellers who could have laminate flooring for sale on websites like Gumtree and Preloved.

To make sure you get the best value for your money, we advise comparing quotations from three to four different businesses or professionals. Utilize MsFlooring to compare prices from vetted dealers and find the ideal flooring installer for you.

The best option for my home is laminate flooring, right?

It might be difficult to choose a flooring option that will suit you as a homeowner, both in terms of aesthetics and function.

The table below looks more closely at the benefits and drawbacks of laminate flooring, whereas the table below looks more closely at the benefits and drawbacks of vinyl flooring.


  • Depending on the quality of the material and routine care, laminate flooring has a really good life expectancy of ten to thirty years.
  • If you want to handle the work yourself, it is quite simple to install and doesn’t require specialised tools.
  • Relative to other flooring options like solid wood or tiling, it is a more affordable option.


  • If the underlay isn’t put down first, it might be incredibly noisy and bother your neighbours.
  • is prone to water damage, which can cause the boards to deform.
  • Laminated flooring is a manufactured product and lacks the authenticity of certain other flooring options, which is rather obvious when seen in person.

What Steps Are Needed to Install Laminate Flooring?

The room will need to be measured precisely to start. For square and rectangular spaces, this is very simple; but, if your room has any bends or curves, it can be more challenging.

Before installing laminate flooring, the subfloor needs to be in good shape. To reduce noise, the underlay will subsequently be placed.

After this is finished, the subfloor and underlay will be covered with boards.

How Can I Locate and Employ a Flooring Installer?

Always ask for suggestions from close relatives, close friends, or neighbours who may have just had a floor done. In this manner, you may believe their advice and perhaps even verify the calibre of the work done.

You can find the ideal expert with the aid of MsFlooring as well! You are able to contrast quotes from verified traders using our search option.

Making sure the professional is a good fit

Make sure you have a list of inquiries prepared to confirm that the expert you intend to hire is a good fit for you and adheres to the necessary standards. Make sure your professional is qualified for the position by using the following questions:

  • Obtain a written estimate from them. Any trustworthy contractor would be pleased to give you a formal estimate so you can understand exactly what is included in the cost.
  • Inquire about their expertise. Choosing a tradesperson with laminate flooring installation knowledge is recommended.
  • For their information. You can be confident in their abilities and perhaps even view some of their prior work if they are able to give you references.
  • You will be able to view the calibre of their work and possibly get some useful references for your own project designs if they have any images of previous projects.
  • If they both have insurance and their equipment. If they cause damage to your home or property while they are there, this could shield you from legal action.

Complete Checklist

Use the checklist below to make sure everything is set up for hiring a qualified fitter:

  • Consider the advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring to decide if it is the ideal kind of flooring for your house.
  • Think on the laminate effect that would best complement your interior design style.
  • Utilize MsFlooring to compare fitter estimates, choose the best one for the job, and perhaps save 41% on the project estimate!

Questions and Answers

Can I do it on my own to install laminate flooring?

If you are confident and have the necessary tools, installing laminate flooring is one of the simpler tasks.

A tape measure, a hammer, and a wood saw are required. The laminate flooring boards and any additional underlay that you decide to use are also required. The cost of these tools at your neighbourhood DIY store is about €21.

Additionally, you must ensure that you can complete the task safely because you must cut and hammer the boards, which could result in damage if done incorrectly.

Is an Underlay Necessary for Laminate Flooring?

We advise adding an underlay if you plan to install laminate flooring in your home.

Installing an underlay reduces the loudness and hardness of the flooring, which are two issues that might arise with laminate flooring.

How Durable Is Laminate Flooring?

The useful life of laminate flooring ranges from 11 to 31 years.

The quality of the flooring, the quality of the installation, and how well the flooring is maintained all affect how long your floor lasts.

Is it necessary to allow laminate flooring to acclimate before installation?

Yes, before being installed, laminate flooring needs to acclimatise in your home.

If the laminate isn’t given time to acclimate before installation, the boards may contract or expand as they react to the humidity and temperature of the space. Gaps between the boards may result from this.

When you purchase the boards and arrange for the installation, be sure that you or the fitter are aware of any manufacturer-specific guidelines on the amount of time needed to acclimate their particular flooring. In general, it will probably take between 48 and 72 hours.

How Can I Keep My Laminate Flooring Clean?

The simplicity of maintenance is one of the advantages of laminate flooring. It may be wiped down, cleaned, and dried. Additionally, you could vacuum it beforehand.

Aim to avoid using harsh chemicals on laminate flooring since you risk damaging the colour and grain.

To avoid absorption, stains should be removed as soon as possible.

How Much of a Gap Do I Need for Expansion?

Leaving at least a 14-inch spacing between laminate flooring is a good general rule of thumb for expansion gaps.

The expansion gap should be greater to match a larger space. A specialist can make sure that during installation, the proper size expansion gap is left.

Are laminate floors less expensive than tile?

When it comes to supply expenses alone, tile is one of the least expensive building materials to buy. Therefore, laminate flooring may end up costing more than tile if you simply factor in supplier expenses.

However, because installing laminate flooring is a relatively simple task, laminate flooring installation prices are typically lower than those for installing tile flooring.