How To Earn More Money With Survey Apps

How to Earn More Money With Survey Apps

If you’ve ever tried paid surveys, you know each survey site works differently. Some are quickly approved, others take hours, while others pay less than a penny for your opinions. Many survey providers are trying to solve the problems associated with this gig. You want to receive as many survey invites as possible and receive cash directly in your wallet every day – no exceptions or headaches.

Various Ways to Game the Paid Survey System

Surveys are fun and easy to complete, and more importantly, they’re a great source of extra income. You get paid to share your opinion on everything from the latest movies to what kind of pizza you’d like to eat for dinner tonight. Surveys are typically short, so you can take them at home, at work, or even on your lunch break. By taking a survey, you can give feedback on what you like and dislike about different products and services. Manufacturers and service providers use your information to improve their products and services.

Take High Paying and Low Paying Surveys

Go for variety in terms of pay. Take surveys that pay well; however, you could also consider the ones that pay less. The higher the payout, the more you’ll earn per survey. Go for surveys that offer rewards in cash, gift cards, and other prizes. Surveys that pay less usually have a higher success rate, meaning they are easier to complete. They will help you make more money, even though the payment per task may be lower. In the end, every dollar adds up to a bigger payday.

Sign Up on Different Survey Sites

The more sites you join, the more opportunities you’ll have to take surveys. Set up an account with each legit survey provider, and then you can sign up for as many questionnaires as you want from all the different sites at once. If you’re looking for extra cash, it might be wise to focus on paid surveys rather than those offered through a rewards program or sweepstakes.

Join a Rewards Program

Some survey sites offer rewards programs where you can earn points toward free products or cash back on purchases from specific retailers. These programs are great because they allow you to monetize your online habits while getting something in return. The best part about joining these campaigns is that they do not require additional effort once signed up.

Complete Your Profile Information

Complete your profile and make it as detailed as possible if you want to make more money. This move will ensure companies know to whom they’re sending a survey invitation. This way, they will find your answers valuable enough for compensation purposes.

Payment rates vary by survey site. Taking a simple survey could earn you upwards of a dollar each. Such well-paying survey sites require you to complete your profile first to get jobs that suit you.

You can also use your profile to make yourself as appealing as possible to survey sites. If you want to answer more questions about products or services, enter the names of brands that interest you in the brand fields. Share your honest opinion about their products or services. Consider adding information about your household income and education level to your profile if it helps get you into higher-paying surveys.

Invite Your Friends to Join Survey Platforms

If your survey site allows you to invite your friends via an affiliate link, take advantage of it. For instance, you can get up to 10% of what they make when they take a survey at Pawns.app and other similar ranked sites. Now, imagine you have 10 friends joining via your invite link. This could multiply your earnings several times over.

Survey sites make it easy to invite people. Just copy and paste the affiliate URL of a panel site into an email, add a personalized message, and hit send. Your friend will receive an invitation from you that includes all the details they need to register. Alternatively, you can share your link via social media platforms and blogs.


If you’re looking for easy ways to make more from surveys, the tips above will help. It’s about taking the initiative, using each opportunity to its fullest, and being better prepared for your following survey. With that approach, you’ll be able to make more from surveys without breaking a sweat.