How to Maintain and Care for Your Coloured Contact Lenses

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Keeping your coloured contact lenses clean and in top condition is a non-negotiable part of your eye health routine. The good news is, maintaining them doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow this comprehensive guide to ensure your coloured lenses stay safe, comfortable, and vibrant for their entire lifespan.

Contact lens

Cleaning Your Lenses

Always Wash Your Hands: Begin by washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water, and drying them with a lint-free towel. It’s crucial to remove any bacteria or debris that could transfer to your lenses and ultimately, your eyes.

Use the Right Solution: Always clean your lenses using a multi-purpose contact lens solution unless your eye care professional advises otherwise. Never use water, saliva, or outdated solution as these can harbour harmful bacteria and damage your lenses.

Rub and Rinse: After removing each lens, place it in the palm of your hand, apply a few drops of lens solution, and gently rub with your index finger. This helps remove any buildup. Rinse thoroughly with fresh lens solution afterwards.

Storing Your Lenses

Use a Clean Case: Store your lenses in a clean, appropriately sized lens case. Replace the case at least every three months to avoid bacteria buildup.

Refresh the Solution: Always fill the case with fresh lens solution. Never “top up” or reuse the previous day’s solution.

Wearing Your Lenses

Follow the Recommended Schedule: Never wear your lenses longer than recommended by your eye care professional or the manufacturer. Over-wearing can lead to discomfort, dry eyes, and in severe cases, eye infections.

Never Sleep in Your Lenses: Unless prescribed by your doctor for overnight wear, always remove your contact lenses before sleeping. Closed eyes don’t allow tears to carry a healthy amount of oxygen to your eyes.

Applying Makeup: If you wear makeup, always apply your contact lenses first to avoid getting makeup on them. When removing makeup, ensure your lenses are taken out beforehand.

General Tips

Stay Hydrated: Keeping your body hydrated also helps keep your eyes moist. If you notice dryness or discomfort, use rewetting drops approved for contact lens use.

Yearly Eye Check-ups: Even if your vision seems fine, don’t skip your yearly eye check-ups. Your optometrist can pick up on issues that you may not have noticed.

Listen to Your Eyes: If you experience discomfort, pain, redness, or blurred vision while wearing your lenses, take them out immediately and contact your eye care professional.

Prescription Colored Contact Lenses

For those who rely on visual correction but also want to enjoy the fun and versatility of colored contact lenses, prescription colored lenses are an excellent option. Imyge Health offers a range of colored contact lenses with prescription strengths, providing clear vision and a stylish look simultaneously.

Prescription colored lenses work in the same way regular prescription contact lenses do. They correct refractive errors like myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, and presbyopia, and additionally feature a tint or pattern to change the appearance of your eye color.

It’s vital to have a current and accurate prescription before purchasing these lenses. Remember to have regular check-ups with your optometrist to ensure that your prescription is up-to-date and that your eyes are in good health. Always keep in mind that whether your contact lenses are for vision correction, aesthetics, or both, they are medical devices and should be treated as such. Proper care and handling are of utmost importance to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear.

Final Thoughts

With Imyge Health, you can have the best of both worlds: crystal clear vision and a unique eye color that can transform your look. Just like non-prescription coloured contact lenses, they require proper care and maintenance to ensure your eyes stay comfortable and your vision remains uncompromised.

Embrace the blend of functionality and fashion with prescription coloured contact lenses. Always remember, your eyes are precious – take care of them and they will continue to show you the beauty of the world around you.