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How to Modernize Your New Home

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When moving into a new home, modernizing it to suit your tastes and lifestyle is an exciting opportunity. The journey to transform a house into your dream home can begin with various upgrades and enhancements. A key area to focus on is the kitchen, often considered the heart of the home. Investing in kitchen appliance packages offers a cohesive look with matching designs and features and often comes with cost-saving benefits.

Modern appliances can enhance your kitchen’s functionality and aesthetic appeal, setting the tone for further modernization throughout your home. Whether adopting smart home technology or refreshing the décor, starting with a well-equipped, contemporary kitchen paves the way for a modern living space.

1.      Repaint Your Home

Repainting your home is a great way to give it a modern update without breaking the bank. When choosing colors, you can find many ideas in home design magazines or on sites like Pinterest.

For a modern look, neutral colors like gray, beige and white are always safe. They create a clean, simple background that makes your furniture and décor stand out. But if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try an accent wall in a bold color? It can add a fun splash of personality to a room. Also, think about the paint finish. Matte or eggshell finishes work well for a modern vibe, especially in living rooms and bedrooms. Try a semi-gloss finish in your kitchen or bathroom since it’s easier to clean.

2.      Update the Light Fixtures

Outdated light fixtures are often not energy efficient and can age your home. Consider modern options like ceiling fans with built-in LED lights. Models from innovation brands like Big Ass Fans feature modern design elements like organic blade shape and seamless construction while also offering updated features like smart connectivity.

Their Haiku L Ceiling Fan has seven-speed settings and offers customizable airflow, ensuring comfort throughout the year, no matter the temperature. The fan’s three hand-balanced blades provide a gentle, whisper-quiet breeze that adds serenity without noise. The fan’s built-in LED light with 16 dimmable settings makes it a top choice for those looking to update their light fixtures and bring a fresh, modern look to their home.

3.      Install a New HVAC

A contemporary HVAC system improves your home’s temperature control efficiency and enhances indoor air quality. It can also save up to 30% on your home heating and cooling. When looking for the right HVAC system for your new home, consider the MRCOOL mini split. This system has the technology to provide zonal cooling and heating for multiple rooms in your home. It includes a multi-zone condenser, two wall-mounted air handlers, remotes and two installation kits.

The best part is that you can do it all yourself. The MRCOOL mini split is designed with a pre-loaded refrigerant line and a DIY-friendly installation process so you can set up the system without specialized tools or expensive equipment. For added peace of mind, the MRCOOL mini split has a limited lifetime compressor warranty when you register for the MRCOOL Care Program.

4.      Upgrade Kitchen Appliances

High-quality, advanced kitchen appliances uplift the aesthetic of your kitchen while enhancing its functionality. Try integrating new state-of-the-art kitchen appliances to transform your kitchen into a more contemporary space. When considering upgrades, ZLINE appliances are a great choice that combines cutting-edge features, style and unmatched quality. ZLINE also offers kitchen appliance packages that bundle these appliances together, providing more value for less.

ZLINE offers a full kitchen appliance package that includes a powerful dual fuel range, a range hood, a microwave drawer, a 3-rack dishwasher and a French door refrigerator. Each piece in the bundle is crafted from premium quality stainless steel and has premium features like Italian burners and a silently operating dishwasher.

5.      Integrate Smart Technology

If you’re looking for more ways to modernize your new home, it’s a great idea to integrate emerging smart technologies like a smart power meter or smart thermostat. Traditional utility bills offer a monthly overview of energy use, which is often too vague to make meaningful adjustments. Smart meters provide more access to your data, and some even allow you to turn off your appliances remotely. This technology is not just about modernizing your home but improving your quality of life.

Smart thermostats can transform how you heat and cool your home by allowing you to adjust your house’s interior temperature remotely. You can use the Wi-Fi connectivity features to set your thermostat to a lower temp in winter and a higher temp in summer while you are away from home. You can also activate the geofencing feature to switch the HVAC on or off as you leave or approach your house. 

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6.      Add Custom Storage Solutions

Modernize your home with clever storage solutions that combine style and functionality. Opt for custom cabinetry with hidden compartments and pull-out organizers in the kitchen for a sleek look. For office spaces, minimalist desk organizers and wall-mounted shelves can keep things tidy. The master bedroom closet is a prime spot for a makeover with adjustable shelving, built-in drawers and efficient hanging spaces. Consider under-bed storage for extra linens or seasonal items.

In living areas, contemporary media units can neatly house electronics while offering stylish shelving. For bathrooms, floating vanities and mirrored cabinets are both practical and modern. Even entryways can be transformed with streamlined console tables and benches with built-in storage, ensuring a clutter-free and modern home environment.

7.      Replace Old Flooring

New flooring can breathe fresh life into your home, opening up a room and making it appear larger and more inviting while contributing to a cleaner and more contemporary look. Whether you choose sleek hardwood, modern tiles or luxurious carpets, updating your floors can bring a fresh, uncluttered aesthetic to any living space. The choice of materials, textures and colors available today means that your flooring can perfectly reflect your personal style and the modern aesthetic you aspire to bring into your home.

8.      Renovate the Bathroom

Renovating your bathroom can help transform the entire vibe of your home. Upgrading to contemporary fixtures, refreshing the flooring and revamping the wall color or wallpaper choice can turn an older bathroom into a luxurious space. The bathroom is one of the most used spaces in your home, so renovating it goes beyond mere aesthetics and contributes to making it more functional, inviting and in tune with the rest of your living space.

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Create a Modern Space You’ll Love

When creating a modern space you love, start with a clear vision of your desired aesthetic. Consider the ambiance and functionality you want to achieve in your new home. Embracing the change means more than selecting the right light fixtures or updating appliances; it’s about weaving together elements like smart home technology, sleek storage solutions and stylish flooring to create a cohesive and inviting environment. Take the opportunity to achieve your dream home and transform it into a place that reflects who you are and what you love.