How to Treat Shopping Addiction?

Shopping Addiction

Shopping addiction can be very destructive if not contained sooner. Trying to guilt trip shopping addicts doesn’t really work. They already feel guilty and bad about themselves. Trying to use too much guilt or logic may backfire as it will make them feel isolated and alienated. That can have the opposite effect and make them want to shop more.

There are certain ways that you can help someone overcome a shopping addiction. Or if you yourself are struggling with such an addiction, there are ways to control it and end it. Because there are only so many discount codes you can avail of, you are going to need the following tips in order to curb this addiction. Save 20% On Orders w/ ManoMano Discount Code.

Identify the Trigger

You should identify the factor that leads to the urge for shopping. It is normally some negative emotion like anxiety, anger, shame, boredom or a lack of self-worth etc. You can either keep a handwritten account or an electronic record like on your phone or laptop. Identify your feelings and determine which emotion leads to the urge for shopping. Then find other ways to manage that particular negative emotion or emotions.

Realize the Need It Fulfills

You shop excessively for a reason because it fulfils a need. Most of the time, this need is not physical or materialistic. It’s a psychological need that needs fulfilling. For non-shopaholics, having 15 purses may look like unnecessary or irrational behaviour. But for the shopaholics, it is fulfilling a need so they keep on doing it.

Unless you find an alternative, healthier way to fulfil this need of yours, you will continue feeling the urge to shop. This is why identifying this need is so crucial. Is it the social factor like going with friends or being around others that gives you pleasure? 

Do you get a sense of being in control? Do you shop to avoid negative feelings like fear, loneliness or anxiety? It is a tough job to analyze yourself so crucially like this but it will take you to the answer.

Replace It with Something Healthier

You need to replace your shopping habit with something healthier and more rewarding. Think hard about how you else can you fill this psychological need of yours? People often end up replacing one addiction with another which is not the positive long term remedy. 

Sometimes it’s also not enough to replace shopping with a healthier habit, you need something more. In that case, ponder over what you value most in your life and make yourself believe you will sabotage it if you keep shopping like this.

Change Your Surroundings

Our surroundings and environment are linked with our behaviour. If someone keeps a slice of pronto pizza on their desk, it’s evident what they like to eat as a junk food. You should eliminate any incentives to shop from your surroundings. 

The moment you come across a coupon code or discount voucher, put the magazine down or close down your phone or laptop’s screen and walk away. Stop yourself from visiting shopping malls and stores. In short, remove anything from your environment that may give you encouragement to shop.