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In Northampton, How Much Does a Tiler Cost in 2022?


If you’ve gone through the bother of kitchen or bathroom renovation and want to be proud of the results, it’s always preferable to employ a professional tiler in Northampton than to rely on your own abilities! However, if you are on a tight budget, you may be tempted to “give it a shot” and attempt tiling on your own. Is it prudent to take the risk? Are tile installers as pricey as you believe?

The size and kind of tiles determine the price per square metre charged and quoted by tilers. Expect to pay between €35 per square metre to €151 per square metre, with smaller, more labor-intensive tiles such as mosaics and subway tiles costing more.

What do tilers do?

Tilers are capable of a variety of jobs, including

  • Surface preparative measures
  • Tile cutting and installation (wall and floor)
  • Utilizing grout
  • Tile resurfacing
  • Tile removal
  • Apply waterproofing where appropriate.

Should my tiler have a licence?

There is no universal licencing requirement for tiling contractors across the nation; thus, you must verify the local requirements. Wall and floor tilers (and waterproofers) are needed to be licenced in Northampton, for example. In other states, you might inquire about a tiler’s credentials or request to view examples of their work.

Employing a tiler

When choosing a Professional tiler, take the time to ensure that they are qualified for the task. Then, some questions to ask include:

  • Are you certified or licenced?
  • Are you covered for work at my residence?
  • How long would my task require?
  • Can you offer a written quote?
  • Do you have recommendations that I may contact?
  • Can you show me any of your work?

How expensive is a tiler?

Therefore, how much will a tiler cost?

It relies on several things, including the difficulty of the task. Expect to spend extra for the installation of patterned, asymmetrical, contrasting, or accent tiles, as well as the removal of a tile floor. If your project requires several cutouts and elaborate embellishments, you will also spend extra.

Whether tilers charge by the hour or by the project, their rates are calculated based on their hourly rate. However, tilers charge between €45 and €151 per hour on average.

More often than not, you will be offered a per-square-metre cost ranging from €35 to €121. The average cost per square metre for installing bathroom tiles is €61. This amount does not include the cost of the tiles; you will need to budget separately for that expense.

However, there is more to selecting a tiler than inquiring their hourly pricing. In addition to possessing better talent, an experienced tiler will be able to work far more swiftly and effectively than a novice tiler. Consequently, one who costs twice as much as another may wind up being less expensive, particularly if the project is extensive. Therefore, it is preferable to insist on a written estimate for the task rather than accepting an hourly rate quotation and a “ballpark” estimate with no contractual commitment.

How much do tiling materials cost?

The price of your tiles is an essential consideration for any restoration job. There is a range of prices for tiles. For wall tiles, you can expect to pay approximately:

  • The price per square metre for standard white ceramic wall tiles (611mm x 311mm) is between €21 and €28.
  • €68 per square metre for polished porcelain steel grey wall tiles (151mm x 611mm).
  • Spain’s white gloss ceramic subway tiles cost €86 per square metre (151mm x 75mm).
  • Wall tiles produced by hand from ceramic (211 mm x 211 mm).

For floor tiles, anticipate paying:

  • Per square metre, ceramic or porcelain tiles cost between €35 and €51.
  • A square metre of high-quality porcelain costs between €51 and €111.
  • The price per square metre of high-quality natural stone tiles is from €81 and €131.

Expect to pay the following prices per sheet for mosaic tiles:

  • One pebble-effect mosaic sheet costs €33. (311mm x 311mm),
  • One interconnecting mosaic sheet costs €47. (311mm x 291mm).

Don’t forget to include the expense of installing the tiles, which is where a tiler comes in helpful.

Obtaining estimates from a tiler

Always obtain three estimates from tilers, but to make a fair comparison, there are a few crucial items to check at, beginning with a detailed, written estimate. Consider the following questions while comparing quotes:

  • Does the estimate include tiling?
  • Does the estimate include demolition and surface preparation?
  • Are tile sealing, waterproofing (if necessary), and polishing included in the estimate?

Typically, none of these are included in the tiler’s estimate, but they might greatly increase the final price. Before choosing a tiler, request further quotations for any other services you require. You may also choose to pick your tiles and obtain prices for their supply beforehand.

Some tilers pass on the savings to their consumers when they purchase tiles at a big discount. This may not make a significant difference if you’re shopping for the cheapest tiles, but if you want elegant, modern tiles and accent tiles, the savings can be enormous.

Get design ideas and inspiration for tiles.

If you are selecting tiles, the Tile Design Ideas image collection is a terrific place to begin. Create an inspiration board and include a link to it to your query form while you’re there. Thus, the tilers you send your request for quotations to will have a better understanding of your needs and be able to provide more accurate estimates.

The easiest approach to determine the cost of your tiling project is to obtain estimates from local tilers. This will give you an idea of the current market pricing.

All expenses and prices cited in this article were obtained at the time it was published. They are suggestive, subject to market factors, may vary locally, and should only be used as a reference.