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Kusha Kapila: Age, Height, Net Worth, Relationships, Family, Movies & Bio

Kusha Kapila

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If you are an OG fan of the Indian influencers now, chances are you are familiar with Kusha Kapila. From her early days on YouTube with the comedy skits she did with iDiva to her sudden peak in fame across different socials, Kusha Kapila is an internet sensation.

Despite the controversies surrounding her name, you can’t ignore the fact that she is charming and talented. Her name has been recently splashed across the headlines of media outlets following her separation from her husband and for her debut appearance on the big screen.

This article will explore everything you need about Kusha Kapila, her early life, relationships, and net worth.

Kusha Kapila – Overview

Real nameKusha Kapila
Birth dateSeptember 19, 1989
BirthplaceNew Delhi, India
Zodiac signVirgo
ProfessionActress, Influencer, Internet Celebrity, YouTuber, Comedian
Marital statusDivorced (2023)
Husband’s nameZorawar Ahluwalia
Weight80 kg
Eye and hair colorBrown
QualificationGraduation in English Literature from Indraprastha College for WomenBachelor of Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology

Kusha Kapila Early Life

Kusha Kapila

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Kusha Kapila was born on September 19, 1989, into a thriving and loving Punjabi family in New Delhi, India. She was born and raised in the northern part of Delhi and has completed her education from schools in South Delhi.

When you search the internet, there’s not a lot of information publicly available about Kusha’s family and childhood. This is mainly because her chance at fame happened a little later in her life.

Initially, Kusha completed her education at a South Delhi School, following which she graduated with English Literature from Indraprastha College for Women. However, she knew she wanted to explore the world of fashion and design more, which is when she completed her Bachelor of Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology.

After completing her education, Kusha interned in the merchandising department of Bhartiya International Limited in Delhi. She later interned at Chisell Effects in Noida, where she worked in product design.

Owing to the fact that Kusha liked what she did, she later switched jobs in 2013 and started working full-time as a fashion correspondent for the company Apparel Online. She also worked as a copywriter for Razorfish Neev, and that’s when she was exposed to the media and entertainment world.

During that period, Kusha debuted on the show “Son of Abish,” hosted by Abish Mathew. She hasn’t looked back since then.

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Kusha Kapila Age and Height

Knowing the exact physical attributes of any person is impossible. Research suggests that Kush is 5’5” and weighs 80 kg, but we’d recommend you take this with a grain of salt.

Also, as of 2023, Kusha Kapila is 34 years old. Furthermore, her natural eye and hair color is luscious brown.

Kusha Kapila Family

We have briefly mentioned that Kusha isn’t very open about her early life and family. In specific interviews, She also clarified that she wants to respect her parents’ privacy, so she doesn’t put them in the spotlight much.

There were brief rumors that Kusha has a daughter after one image of the internet celebrity appeared online, leaving the fans questioning who that might be. It was later clarified that the little girl was a relative, not her daughter.

Kusha Kapila Career

Kusha Kapila’s career is more than her presence on the internet. Most fans know her for her comedy skits, movies, and television series.

However, Kusha’s career started right after she graduated from college. As someone who has always been passionate and ambitious about her goals and career, Kusha knew she wanted to make the most out of her career right after completing her education.

Initially, she interned at a few companies and gained experience in the fashion and merchandising business. Later, she switched roles and worked for fashion magazines as a copywriter, gaining more interest in the media side of things.

As she started exploring social media, Kusha became interested in videos and interactive and relatable comedy skits. She worked with iDiva and posted several skits on their YouTube channel alongside Komal Pandey and Dolly Singh, further adding to her popularity.

With her gaining more and more audience, Kusha knew she had found her calling and started taking the career seriously. Her distinctive and prompt comedy style caught the attention of the viewers.

When working with iDiva, Kusha’s character “Billi Maasi” became a trending sensation online, further skyrocketing her fame. People found the character quirky and relatable, which helped Kusha garner millions of views.

That started her venture into the world of entertainment. Following her initial success, Kusha debuted in an anthology Netflix film, “Ghost Stories,” followed by “Behensplaining,” both of which were commercial successes.

Later, Kusha also appeared on Amazon Prime Video’s “LOL: Hasse Toh Phasse,” which is a reality show that put her in front of an entirely new audience. She later appeared on Amazon Mini TV’s “Case Toh Banta Hai” and Netflix’s “Masaba Masaba,” showcasing her talent and versatility to the audience.

To date, Kusha has also appeared in various other web series, including “Minus One: New Chapter” and “Selfiee,” which have helped her stabilize her presence as more than a comedian on the internet.

One of the latest breakthroughs is her appearance on the big screen with her latest movie, “Thank You for Coming,” released in September 2023.

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Kusha Kapila’s Personal Life and Relationships

kusha kapila

Image Courtesy – Kusha Kapila

Being in the public eye comes with many pushbacks, and Kusha is not foreign to any. Initially, Kusha and her ex-husband, Zorawar Ahluwalia, were a fan-favorite couple, so when they made their separation public, the fans were left distraught.

None of the two have commented further on the reasons behind their separation. They mentioned in their public statement that the decision was amicable and was mainly due to the differences in each other’s career paths.

However, the news unsettled the fans, who wanted to dig deeper to know what was happening. Not only has Kusha made the headlines, but she has also found herself in many controversies. In one of her recent interviews, Kusha mentioned that she didn’t want to make the divorce public and issue a statement.

There were also rumors and mentions of infidelity that led to the divorce. None of these rumors have been warranted by anyone involved. Some rumors on Reddit have popped up saying that Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora Khan’s break-up could have been due to Kusha Kapila and Arjun’s affair.

However, we have to understand that these are pointless rumors. Arjun hasn’t commented anything on the matter. Still, Kusha explained on her socials that everything published in the media is fabricated and “nonsense” that she has to read about herself.

Kusha Kapila Net Worth

With the extension online presence and the vast number of web series and movies that Kusha has done, it isn’t surprising that she has an extensive net worth.

Although there’s no way of confirming the exact number, estimates suggest that Kusha Kapila’s net worth is $5.6 million. She earns most of her income through her social media presence and the acting projects she signs.

Furthermore, Kusha also works with a series of brands, collaborating with them and doing sponsored posts for them, further adding to her income.

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Kusha Kapila is an emerging icon on the internet. With the fast success she has experienced within a few years, it isn’t surprising that there’s much more left to unfold with her. If you have been wondering about Kusha’s career growth and net worth, we have answered all those questions in detail in this article.