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Everything You Need to Know About SEO Services Australia as a Beginner


Seo Services Australia asserts that SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization or optimization for search engines. It consists of a set of practices that must be done before and during the construction of the website to improve the positioning of the different pages, therefore, trying to reach the first place on Google search results.

In this article, you will discover a short SEO guide for beginners. According to an SEO company Australia, it is a fundamental step for anyone in the digital field who wants to know the first rudiments of SEO techniques and how Google works.

Because let’s face it: when we talk about search engines and SEO services Australia, we refer to Google. (with Bing and Yahoo playing an alternative but very marginal role, at least in Australia). According to a study, these three search engines host 95% of all searches made on the web. Of course, other companies, such as Baidu in China, but their use outside is almost irrelevant.

What is SEO?

If you want to know how and what SEO is, let’s start from a fixed point: the King of search engines is unquestionably Google. What made it so famous and revolutionized the web was the idea of ​​using one parameter, link popularity, to measure the relevance of content and rank it based on this in the results.

The method has proved to be so effective that Google has now become a word of everyday use (today it is also called “google,” from the English “to google, “to indicate something that has been searched on Google). 

Therefore, when we talk about SEO and SEO services Australia, we mean all those actions that can place a link in the highest possible position in Google searches. So let’s see the basics of SEO and discover how Google works. But first, let’s start from the basics!

SEO Meaning

Corporate SEO services Australia defines SEO as Search Engine Optimization or “Optimization for Search Engines.” So it is a sector that encompasses all those practices that can optimize a link or page to ensure that it is positioned as high as possible when users search for a particular keyword.

In practice: if you have a page on your site that talks about the recipe of Bolognese, SEO is that activity that allows you to be at the top (possibly first on the engines, but we will see it later …) when people type the topic of your page, the words “Bolognese recipe” and all related phrases or words (“Pasta Bolognese,” “How Bolognese sauce is made” and so on).

It is an essential sector, which almost all small business owners snub, thinking it is enough to have a website. No! You can have the most beautiful site in the world, but if it’s not optimized for Google, it means people can’t find it when they’re looking for something, so you don’t get any visits (and, therefore, your site is almost useless). Thanks to an SEO activity, having pages among the first Google results means gaining visits and, therefore, possible new customers.

SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization includes those activities that allow a page to be “well seen” and appreciated by Google. Search engines record carriers and show them to users when they search. These pages are typically matched to one or more keywords (as in the case of the recipe described above).

So, ultimately, those who offer SEO optimization services are telling you: I take your site, and I make Google find it “more likable,” that it respects as many parameters as possible of those required to increase your chances of being found.

These interventions may involve – among others – increasing the site’s speed, writing texts, inserting strategic words in page titles, changes to images, and so on.

Google Positioning

SEO positioning is a different industry. It essentially means taking a page and going to great lengths to have it listed at the top for a particular keyword. We could define it as a more “surgical” activity since it is based on the operations that allow one or more specific pages to be at the top of Google for one or more keywords.

SEO positioning is complex and challenging since, for the most part, you have to compete with thousands of other results. 

SEO Indexing

There are indexing activities even before optimization (and consequently long before positioning). That is to say, all those activities that let Google know that your site exists.

Therefore, it is essential to start with the site’s indexing, then with its optimization, and – simultaneously or as a consequence of the first two – with the positioning.

How Does Google Work, According to an SEO Company Australia?

According to the latest research of an SEO company Australia, the web is now made up of billions of websites with about 60 trillion pages, an impressive number destined to increase. Google scans the net, following links from page to page.

Site owners can tell Google which and how many pages to crawl, but Google already does this kind of work independently. After rearranging the network, it sorts pages based on hundreds of factors (some of which are known only to it) and keeps this data in the largest database on the web. When we search for something, Google uses programs and formulas (the so-called “algorithm”) to define better what we are looking for (words, synonyms, typos, etc.). Based on these criteria, it displays the most relevant pages contained in its database. Finally, it sorts them using more than 200 factors to ensure the user can reach the most helpful information.

Why is Ranking Important?

Search engine optimization essentially means improving a site’s ranking on the results page (the SERP, Search Engine Result Page). Namely, try to earn the highest possible ranking for certain words or phrases in the search results.

A high ranking is a huge advantage, and SEO is the set of activities to achieve this result. Most users rarely search beyond the second page of Google. The user often stops at the first page, choosing from the first five results. According to Google, it is the distribution of traffic on the search engine:

  • First page: 32.5% of all traffic
  • Second page: 17.6% of all traffic
  • Third page: 11.4% of all traffic
  • Fourth page: 8.1% of all traffic
  • Fifth page: 6.1% of all traffic

Here, explained with numbers, why it is essential to have an adequate positioning on Google. If a website ranks 73rd for a keyword, no one will be able to read it. Having such positioning is equivalent to not having it at all. It is the reason why the major work done from an SEO perspective is the one destined to increase the ranking for important words considered strategic.

How Does Google Determine the Keywords?

The whole process begins with a keyword. Someone types a word into the Google search box and gets thousands of results. We have already seen the importance of ranking, but some may wonder: If Google returns results for a word, how does it associate websites and pages with that word? How does Google know that that page is matched to that specific keyword?

Simple: Google analyzes the content of the site and pages. It scans the rest, titles, subtitles, navigation menus, and even the names of files (such as images and documents it contains). In addition, Google reads the keywords of websites that link to you.

If the latter are related or have similar content, Google considers them as a sign of affinity with a particular keyword. It is why having links from similar or related websites to yours is better than having links from others.

How Does Google Sort the Results?

Google uses more than 200 criteria to determine the ranking of a web page for each keyword. Google continually works to improve the quality and relevance of results in the SERP (it could not do otherwise, as this is what its business is based on).

Why Choose SEO Services Australia?

You must work with the best SEO services Australia to be the best. As you can see, Google does a lot to keep the quality and relevance of search results high, and the same concept should guide you in managing your site. The most effective and safest SEO services Australia are to play by the rules. 

In this guide, we have seen the following:

  • What is SEO
  • SEO significance
  • Difference between indexing, optimization, and ranking
  • How Google works
  • What is Google’s ranking
  • Why Google ranking is important

Do not be afraid to rely on the professionalism of SEO company Australia for the best seo services Australia. The many years of online work, training, and continuous specialization have shaped their way of approaching work and developing specific skills. For this reason, there are many varied SEO services for web pages that SEO services Australia can carry out.  They offer concrete support where internal resources do not have the way or the tools to arrive or where a coordination activity can make a difference and give tangible results.