The Rick Scott J. Cooper Miami Beach Scholarship Shapes The Educational Requirements


The Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship aims at discovering and advancing inventive by effectively helping people and those around them to lead productive and satisfying lives. 

Speaking about the founder of this scholarship project, the founder Rick Scott Cooper, a Miami resident considers his hometown to be blossoming into a new startup hub for the East Coast. Miami has almost 2,500 registered tech startups and the trend is sure to continue. This is what made the city the second-best location and rising place for startups.

The cost of living is low in Miami than in New York City and there is no income tax for small businesses. All these amazing factors made Cooper see a bright future for his hometown. Moreover, he is also passionate about helping the students succeed in their educational endeavors hence, he started the Scott J. Cooper Miami Beach Scholarship project. 

The project follows the guiding philosophy that children are the best natural resources in the world and by channelizing that natural resource properly through bringing awareness and educating on the human rights abuses, this world will turn into a better place to live in.

The private organization of Rick Scott Cooper Miami provides an investigating platform for reporting and developing solutions to change the public policies that challenge and focuses on “forgotten communities” all across the globe. Their goal is to make them safer and more secure providing them with a healthy environment to become more prosperous.

The project accomplishes its mission through its presence on social media, diversified content, and paid promotion. It reports abuses hence, trying to make an effective global change. The project ensures complete independence and hence, refuses any kind of government funding and corporate ties. They partner with small organizations to become their voice and fight for those that have not been able to deliver their message.

The Rick Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship program offered three scholarships in 2018 and announced to offer at least 25 new scholarship programs in 2019. Currently, the scholarship is available for students in Business Management, Film, Theater, Marketing, Journalism, Communication, Education, and Fitness. 

The scholarship program has many awards when compared to the traditional ones, allowing the scholarship committee to be in close touch with the students and the universities. 

The Rick Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship focusses only on the creativity of the students, unlike other scholarship programs that stress on scholastic achievements or financial requirements. Students applying for the scholarship program need to write short essays on diverse topics like “Which Public Figure You Look up to the Most and Reasons Why?” or “How to resolve the Immigration Crisis?”

Recently, the scholarship program released the top ten learning patterns due to the industries undergoing a disruption using a rapid development of technologies.

The Scholarship program is mainly to advocate for the numerous businesses and amenities that have been operating in Miami. The Miami business industry, mainly the tourism and entertainment industries help to extend and maintain the cultural diversity and as a thriving tourist attraction that has worldwide recognition. 

Therefore, Rick Scott Cooper Miami provides monthly scholarships of $500 each for all the North American students who will also attend an accredited U.S. or Canadian post-secondary institution. Visit their official website to get help with your educational expenses.