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How to Search by People, Things & Places in Your Photos


Have you ever come across some old clicks and wondered about the people, things, or places captured in those snaps? If yes, then you are not alone, most of us get curious about people, things, and places captured in old images. The urge to know more about them may force us to ask others about those images. However, asking others about faces, locations, and objects featured in old images is not so fruitful.

The best way to satisfy your curiosity is referring to the internet, the massive library where you can find billions of images and relevant information about those snaps, including the old ones. You just need to follow some effective tips, and you will be able to know all the required details about any old snap. If you are the one who has a detective nature with a zeal to learn more about old pictures and people, places, and things featured in them, then you have landed at the right place.

We have put together some details about these tips to help you in this regard. Scroll down to learn more about these tips.

Tips to Search by People, Things, and Places

If you want to find out the people, objects, and places captured in old images, then you need to be proactive and make use of some advanced-level search techniques. Dated photos may not give you an idea initially, but once you start the venture of finding more about them, you will start getting clues. Merge those clues, and you will end up getting the required results. We have made a list of some tips that can help you get fruitful results, read on to know more.

Refer to Right Databases

While many websites can serve as image libraries, if you are trying to find information about old snaps, a few websites can really help you a lot. These websites tend to be databases that are built specifically for historic images. Hence, finding details about old snaps, especially the ones belonging to the Victorian era and the mid-1900s, will be easier for you when you are looking for relevant details. Some worth-mentioning collections in this regard are, Roger Vaughan Picture Library, and Wikimedia.

Search Engines Can be a Great Help

Don’t rely on just a single search engine, take the help of two or more search engines when you try to get a clue about old photos. Simply input ‘identify old photos’ in the search box and browse the results. You can expect quite similar but not identical search results from different search engines. Make sure you have cleared cookies from your search engines.

The search results may recommend you to figure out the type of photo, such as the tintype photograph. Moreover, search engines will give you tips regarding the method to narrow down your research, such as, looking for the photographer’s name or mark and keeping an eye out for the attire of people and the location captured in the photograph.

Merge the Clues

Start narrowing down your research in line with the recommendations given by the search engines. You will be able to find the era when the picture was clicked by paying attention to the attire of the people captured in the picture. The hairstyle and dressing will give you a clear clue about the era. For instance, if you are looking at a photo with men wearing work shirts with short collars tied using buttons or ties, then the picture belongs to the Victorian era.

You can get information about the photographer by side notes or specific marks on the bottom side of the photo. Discovering the name of the photographer will be a great help. Once you merge the obtained clues, you will have a better idea about the photograph. The architecture of buildings in the background can help you guess the location pretty easily.

Reverse Image Search Would be a Good Option

If nothing seems to work your way after following all the tips given above, then there is no need to worry. Technology is still on your side, and you can get information about a particular image or at least the faces or locations captured in the image easily. Although search engines offer their own image search options, you will only get results from a single image library. On the other hand, a reliable reverse picture search facility is capable of displaying results from various search engines in one place. 

Once you find such a facility, upload the picture you are curious about. Now press the search button, and the image reverse search facility will come with relevant results that include similar faces, objects, or locations. Additionally, the image search utility will provide you with links to the pages where identical photos are posted. Hence, making it easier for you to gather information about people, things, and places in captured images. Ultimately, you will be able to satisfy your curious nature one way or another.

End Note!

Finding information about date photos can be a frustrating experience. However, giving up is not the right approach. Some effective methods can help you obtain important information about old photos, especially the faces, locations, and objects captured in those images. We have discussed a few tips in detail to help you in this regard. We hope this information will be useful for you!