The Great Jemmy Dean


The 19th century was a golden era for cricket in England and other places across the world. At cricket website you can also find a great list of matches that are held all across the world to wager.

Jemmy Dean was a great player of that era. He played the sport in a professional manner between 1835 and 1861. He spent his entire career in the Sussex County Cricket Club. This team and many others can be wagered right now by going to the 1xBet website.

On the field he was capable of doing many things, such as:

  • being a good fielder;
  • performing as a wicketkeeper when needed;
  • and also being able to bowl with his right arm, mostly with a roundarm action;

Of course, he was also capable of performing as a right-handed batsman whenever it was needed.

Jemmy Dean

The Ploughboy

Unlike other cricketers, Jemmy Dean was quite well-built. Get now the bet app Android that will help you to wager on other great cricketers from your tablet or smartphone.

This also meant that he got plenty of nicknames during his career. Some people knew him as “The Ploughboy”. Others simply thought that he was too “stout” for being a cricket player. Needless to say, he silenced his critics with the great performances that he delivered. With the 1xBet Android betting app you can also perform greatly with your cricket wagers on English cricket and from other sports too.

Part of a split in English cricket

In the 19th century, there were the famous county cricket clubs in England that participated in the County Championship. However, from time to time the All-England Eleven was assembled to travel across the country, which had players from different clubs. The live score at cricket also allows you to follow plenty of squads of this sport.

However, in 1852, after differences that apparently were too much to solve, the All-England Eleven suffered a split. Dean, alongside other big names of the sport at the time, such as John Wisden, decided to create a national squad of their own. They called it the United All-England Eleven.

However, what is more interesting is that the team was reunited in 1859. This was because a national English team was assembled to tour Canada and the USA. It had players from both the All-England Eleven and United All-England Eleven. The live scores at 1xBet cricket also cover matches held in those countries as well.