Procedure To Follow After A Vehicle Crash On Long Island, New York

Vehicle Crash

New York State has a long record of auto fatalities for people traveling to Long Island. The devastation for the victims and their family members is unpredictable. It will be frightening for anyone if the injuries are fatal. Thus, one must know what to do next if involved in a car accident on Long Island, NY.

Fatality, brain injury, and the wreckage caused by car accident can be a daunting experience. When involved, anyone can be overwhelmed by their own injuries and will be in no position to help other victims. Accidents can take place due to another driver’s negligence. In these types of scenarios, it is crucial to file a lawsuit and hire a reputable lawyer to represent you and your loved ones. 

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After Car Accident Procedure

After a crash, you mind and body may be in shock. Many people after a car accident feel disoriented, dizzy, and blurred vision. Help may not be available immediately in some cases. Not all car accidents are the same, but following the below-mentioned procedures can helps you stay in control of the situation. 

First, check to see if your car is on the travel lane. If it is, keep it aside to not block traffic and to make room for help. If you cannot do that, wait until emergency personnel comes to help. Stay safely off the road and seek help if possible.

After an accident, immediately inform the police or 911. Be sure to provide all the information regarding the accident to the dispatcher so that emergency responders arrive at the scene with adequate help. Generally, responding officers will prepare the field report with CC# at the top. From there, they can then make an online request to process or investigate your accident case by uploading your field report to the police department’s website.

Insurance coverage is dependent on evidence, so its imperative that you take photos immediately for your records.It is crucial that your images capture the damage to your vehicle, other vehicles involved, skid marks and any injuries involved. 

Seek medical attention immediately and visit a local emergency hospital for the symptoms you experience. Later, document the information about your injuries if you are going to file a case.

Report your accident to the insurance company before 30 days with a No-Fault request application. Your vehicle expenses will be covered even if you are at fault for a crash. You can claim the full benefits of No-Fault only after investigating the evidence and proving that you are not the reason for the accident.

Consult with The Raimondo Law Firm and discuss the details of your unfortunate car accident on Long Island. The firm can help you to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company without giving them a chance to lower your compensation amount.

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