What Can You Do With Cryptocurrencies in 2022?


When it comes to cryptocurrencies, people usually think of them as something similar to stocks. For many, it’s simply a digital asset. You purchase them only to invest, but this isn’t the case. Cryptocurrencies were not mainly made to be seen as assets but as a way to transact online instead. 

It was in 2009 when the father of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, was created, and according to its creator, its purpose is to be an electronic payment system that’s based on cryptographic proof instead of trust. It was simply to help people send money over the internet easily.

Today, however, there are a few great things that you can do with your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. Here are ways that you can spend or use your Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Casinos

While it could be a great idea to store crypto and wait for its value to increase, you can also find other ways to profit from it by playing at Bitcoin casinos. These are just your online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies, and yes… many of them don’t just accept Bitcoin.

Some casino sites like accept other cryptocurrencies too like Litecoin, Ethereum, and Tether. So, you can use your crypto to play casino games like slot machines, poker, baccarat, roulette, and more.

There are even exclusive Bitcoin casino games that you can play. Most of the time Bitcoin casinos are also generous to cryptocurrency players when it comes to bonuses. If you’re wondering which crypto casinos are worth checking out, visit here.

NFT Gaming

Gambling isn’t for you? There are still other games you can play with cryptocurrencies and we’re talking about NFT Games.

If you’ve been doing a bit of research on cryptocurrencies, you’ve probably already come across NFT Gaming. This has become quite a trend in the crypto industry over the last few years. It’s simply a fun way to invest in crypto and earn profits.

You don’t just wait for the value of your Bitcoin or other cryptos to increase. You work on it by playing games. Sounds like a dream, right?

But yes, many people are earning money by playing cryptocurrency games or NFT games. Some of the most popular ones you can try are Splinterlands, The Sandbox, Surreal Estate, Axie Infinity, and a crypto game classic, Cryptokitties.

Think of it as playing regular video games but you get to earn money when you win matches or collect rare items that you can sell for cryptocurrencies on the market.

Online Shopping

If you’re an online shopper, many platforms now accept Bitcoin. One of the first online stores that accepted cryptos is Overstock where you can shop for household and office items like furniture, décor, and more.

Not looking for new furniture? Well, over 15,000 online shops now transact with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Here are some of them that are noteworthy:

  • Microsoft: Xbox and Windows products
  • eGifter: Purchase gift cards for stores like Adidas,, and many more
  • Namecheap: Buy or rent online domain names and web hosting services
  • Shopify: Purchase from different sellers of anything powered by this e-commerce platform
  • Planet Express: Package forwarding service
  • AT&T: Pay your mobile bills or purchase credits

More companies and businesses are also now looking into accepting Bitcoin as an additional way to make transactions more convenient for their customers like Uber. 

Deloitte also reported last month that around 75% of retailers plan to accept crypto in the next two years and they’re not just talking about online retailers.


Some travel agencies are also accepting Bitcoin too like CheapAir which claims to be the first to do so. There’s also Travala which accepts over 50 cryptocurrencies that you can use for its over 3 million travel products. If you want to purchase airline tickets, you can still do so with crypto by buying gift cards.

Aside from travel agencies and purchasing gift cards for airlines like AirAsia, Jetstar, and Air Canada, there are also hotels around the world that accept cryptocurrencies like Sri Panwa Phuket in Thailand. 

International hotel groups like The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts also accept crypto too after partnering up with London-based crypto payment gateway, Coindirect. Thinking of vacationing in the Maldives? S Hotels & Resorts allow guests to pay with cryptos too.

Want a luxurious experience? Cryptos are also accepted by luxury hotel groups like The Kessler Collection in the US and The Chedi Andermatt in Europe.

Overall, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are now becoming versatile payment solutions. Many experts see cryptos as the future of online and digital payments, and that said, it’s likely that we’ll see bigger brands embrace its use too in the coming years.