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What is the Price of Carpet Cleaning in Dublin?

carpet cleaning

Most homeowners in Dublin pay between €122 and €236 for professional carpet cleaning, with a typical three-bedroom home costing €179 on average. The size of each room, the technique of cleaning, and the type of carpet all affect the final cost. While some businesses bill per the square foot, others impose a fixed per-room fee of €75 to €125.

Significant advantages of carpet cleaning include the removal of mould and allergens found in carpet. If you neglect professional cleaning for an extended period of time, replacing your carpet might cost anywhere from €751 to €2,511.

Price Per Square Foot for Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaners bill between €1.21 and €1.41 per square foot or charge between €75 and €125 per room for a flat cost. Before getting quotes, measure your carpet so you can provide your cleaning professional with correct information. Greater costs are associated with larger rooms when paying by the square foot.

Here are some price ranges for a range of carpet or room sizes. Even if your carpet cleaning professional bills by the room, keep in mind that most contractors have a size limit on the spaces they can service, so extra-large rooms will still fall within the per-square-foot price range.

Dimensions and costs of carpet cleaning

  • 211-411 €81-131
  • 511-1,111 €111-€251
  • 1,111-1,511 €211-€311
  • 1,511-2,111 €251-€451
  • 2,111-3,111 €411-€551

Cost-Relating Factors for Carpet Cleaning

The price to clean carpets depends on a number of things. Before you obtain pricing estimates, look at the cost aspects that are important to take into account.

Material For Carpet

The cost of carpet cleaning varies greatly depending on the carpet’s substance. For instance, Berber carpet is inexpensive to clean since it is simple to maintain. Additionally, some carpet materials are better than others at retaining dirt and debris.

Types of Carpet and Costs of Cleaning

  • On average, Berber Carpet Simple costs €91.
  • Loop Cut and Level Medium €61-€121
  • €111–€151 for Difficult Cotton
  • Wool That’s Difficult €151-€151

Rug Dimensions

As was already said, some businesses bill by the square foot and others by the room. Carpet cleaning per the square foot costs between €1.21 and €1.41, while cleaning by the room costs between €75 and €125. Extra-large carpets raise the cost in both cases since they require more cleaning supplies, time, and manpower. The same is true for rugs with unusual shapes or ones that cover several rooms.

A commercial carpet cleaner’s fee for a professional area is from €1.15 to €1.25 per square foot, which is marginally less expensive than cleaning domestic carpets due to a reduction in difficulty. For large business areas with carpets throughout, there are higher costs, nevertheless.

a carpet’s state

The pricing range for carpet cleaning is influenced by the carpet’s general condition. For instance, the price to remove a stain ranges from €41 to €311, depending on its size and intensity. Pet-related stains require more time and effort to extract and sink deeper into the pile, making them more expensive to remove than food-related stains. The cost of hiring a professional to eliminate pet odours and any related stains ranges from €31 to €41 per hour.

Prior to cleaning your carpet, repairs may be required if some areas are too damaged to clean, such as if there are missing or discoloured fibres. It costs between €111 and €251 to repair noticeable tears and rips, and between €125 and €251 to repair burned areas. Depending on the extent of the damage, patching carpets that have been bleached or sun-damaged costs between €111 and €251. It will cost between €111 and €311 to replace your carpet to match the size of the space. Finally, the cost to dye carpeting that is out of proportion to achieve parity ranges from €125 to €611 depending on the size.

Location on carpet

The carpet’s location also affects how much it will cost to clean it, particularly in terms of accessibility. Apartment carpet cleaning costs between €25 and €75 per room, although professionals charge extra if you live on a higher floor because it’s challenging to transport cleaning supplies there.

The price of each step on stairs can range from €2 to €5, and since it’s difficult to determine the square footage of steps, fees are added to the overall quote.

Added Charges

The price of carpet cleaning is increased by a few unusual circumstances. Depending on the size of the fixtures and the accessibility, hiring a professional to remove furniture might cost between €71 and €611. The risk of water damage is likewise very high. Prior to cleaning, water extraction, which ranges in price from €451 to €2,111, is necessary to stop the growth of mould and maintain the carpet’s integrity.

Professionals charge between €5 and €31 each room to put a layer of Teflon, Scotchgard, or a comparable stain-resistant substance.

A deodorizer application costs between €1.11 and €1.31 per square foot, and an anti-static spray application costs between €1.17 and €1.11 per square foot.

Cleaning Procedure Price

There are various popular carpet cleaning techniques, each having advantages, disadvantages, and price points. To help you decide how to acquire estimates, below is a general summary of various techniques.

Using Steam

The cost of steam cleaning, commonly referred to as hot water extraction or thorough carpet cleaning, can range from €111 to €411 depending on how much dirt is on the carpet and how long the carpet fibres will last.

One of the most widely used techniques for cleaning modern carpets and rugs is steam cleaning because it is generally gentle on the carpet and does not violate any warranties. Accessibility is a concern since it necessitates specialised equipment like cleaners that can be installed on vehicles. Also, keep in mind that steam-cleaned carpets need to dry for at least 24 hours before scheduling an appointment.


Your carpet’s cost to be shampooed might range from €111 to €311 depending on how dirty it is, how big it is overall, and any accessibility issues. Extra-strength products and environmentally friendly cleaners run an additional 11 to 15% in price, depending on the type of cleaner used.

This cleaning procedure takes about 21 minutes, but after the carpet dries, you’ll need to use a dry vacuum to remove any remaining dirt. Additionally, washing the carpet performs a fantastic job on the top layer, but it does not get deep into the fibres to remove dirt and contaminants that are concealed there. Finally, frequent shampooing might over time fade the carpet’s surface colour.

Air Drying

Depending on size, accessibility, and grime level, dry cleaning, sometimes referred to as low moisture cleaning or encapsulation, ranges in price from €75 to €351. This approach uses chemicals rather than water and is excellent at cleaning surfaces, but depending on the equipment used—rotary machines offer a deeper clean than brushes—it may struggle to remove deeply embedded fibres. In general, although not when compared to steam cleaning, you’ll obtain a deeper clean than shampooing.

The fact that this kind of carpet cleaning dries rapidly—in only 21 minutes—means that you can soon resume walking on your carpet.

Cleaning using Carbonation

Costs for cleaning carbonated carpet range from €121 to €421, with an average cost of €281. This methodology offers a more surgical approach than steam cleaning and employs hot water to extract dirt and debris. Since far less water is used in this process than in steam cleaning, both the drying time and the chance of mould and mildew growth are significantly decreased. Of course, the average cost reflects this greater effectiveness compared to steam cleaning.

Obtaining Hot Water

Similar to steam cleaning, hot water extraction is generally used to restore water-damaged carpet. Depending on the extent of the damage, the size of the carpet, and your accessibility, the cost of the service ranges from €451 to €2,111. Experts in hot water extraction employ powerful machinery to remove fluids and dirt from the

Professionals may advise replacing the carpet padding in some circumstances, which raises the overall cost. To prevent mould and mildew, it is crucial to dry your carpeting as soon as possible after this treatment, using the techniques that your cleaner suggests.

Cleaning a Bonnet

The cost of a bonnet cleaning service ranges from from €25 to €85. Using a powerful spinning pad, polish the carpet’s surface using this technique. The procedure moves quickly and dries in only 31 minutes. However, bonnet cleaning only deals with the carpet or rug’s top layer. Over time, dirt and debris from the bottom layers rise, requiring additional cleanings.

Going Green

Professional green carpet cleaning is more expensive than other forms, costing between €115 and €221 per room. However, the cleaning compounds used in this procedure are organic and non-toxic. These all-natural cleaners also serve as disinfectants, and because of how long their effects stay, they offer a long-term carpet cleaning solution. Professionals use hand brushes, shampoo machines, and steam extractors to apply the natural cleaning ingredients.

Costs and Cleaning Procedures for Carpets

  • Steam Cleaning: 111–411 Euros
  • €111–€311 for shampooing
  • $77 to $351 for dry cleaning
  • Carbonated Water for Cleaning: €121–€421
  • $451 to €2,111 for Hot Water Extraction
  • For Bonnet Cleaning, $25-$85
  • For ecological cleaning, rooms range from €115 to €221

Cleaning Prices Vary Depending on the Type of Carpet

Here are some typical carpet materials, their particular cleaning needs, and typical price ranges.


The cost of cleaning synthetic carpets, such as those composed of nylon, polypropylene, polyester, and acrylic, ranges from €61 to €311. Due of the sensitivity of certain of these materials to particular chemicals, professionals recommend dry cleaning techniques.

Use a regular vacuum cleaner to suction up dirt and debris when performing DIY repair. Remember that you may quickly clean some synthetic carpets with water and baking soda. To prevent inadvertent harm, seek advice from a carpet cleaning expert before attempting DIY cleaning procedures.


Because cotton is more delicate than other textiles, steam washing will yield the best results. Depending on the size and amount of dirt, cotton carpet cleaning costs between €111 and €311. Contractors advise performing a professional steam cleaning once a year and performing maintenance cleanings as necessary. To prevent the growth of mould, mildew, and associated germs, proceed with caution as cotton carpeting takes six to twelve hours to dry.


Wool is a somewhat delicate carpet material that reacts poorly to chemicals and bleach. Some types of wool should also avoid all liquids since they take a very long time to dry. In light of this, dry cleaning is the most effective technique for this material, while hot water extraction is an acceptable alternative if dried properly. Wool carpet dry cleaning ranges from €111 to €411 depending on size, accessibility, and other elements. Every 12 to 18 months, experts advise dry cleaning or hot water extraction.


Berber carpets have a lower overall cost and are simple to maintain. Berber carpet cleaning costs range from €81 to €211, yet they go up for large or heavily filthy carpets. The low level of difficulty is due to the massive fibre loops that make up berber carpets, which make it difficult for dirt to sink below the surface. Most experts agree that steam cleaning is the best method for cleaning this kind of material and advise performing a deep clean every 12 to 18 months.

Cut and level a loop

To protect the fibres, cut pile carpets requires special cleaning techniques. To agitate the lowest layers and dislodge debris, experts utilise a powerful dry vacuum with a revolving beater bar. Costs to clean cut-pile carpet range from €61 to €121. The cost of steam cleaning loop pile carpet ranges from €61 to €121.

Exercise caution when cleaning some varieties of both types, such as Saxony cut, as they are vulnerable to vacuum marks and even footprints. Plan your timetable accordingly as some varieties, such plush carpeting, take a long time to dry.

Comparison of using a professional carpet cleaner versus doing it yourself

You have the option of DIY carpet cleaning, especially if you have easy access to a potent steam cleaner. A suitable steam cleaner can be rented for between €31 and €51 per day, plus the cost of detergent, which is less expensive than employing a local carpet cleaner to complete the task.

However, if you are untrained, renting expert equipment includes some danger of damaging the carpet. Hiring a professional reduces any risk to the carpet itself while ensuring a speedy turnaround and satisfactory solution. Cleaning businesses often provide extended warranties and are covered in case something goes wrong.


How much does carpet cleaning for two rooms cost?

The typical flat pricing for carpet cleaning is between €75 and €125 per room. In other words, the cost to clean two rooms of carpet ranges from €151 to €251. However, the price may go up for extra-large rooms or for carpets that are particularly filthy and odorous. The price varies based on the kind of carpet and the cleaning technique.

How can I tell if my carpet needs to be cleaned?

In general, experts advise having your carpet professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Additionally, you can employ a cleaning expert to take care of particular carpet-related problems when they arise, such as messes from pets or water damage. Finally, have your carpet cleaned if it appears dirty and smells dirty.

How can I locate a reputable carpet cleaner?

Start your online investigation using local directory services, discussion boards, and webpages. When you have a list of potential prospects, get in touch with a representative from each business to discuss their degree of experience and to provide information about your particular requirements. Inquire with former clients as well to get their perceptions of the cleaning service’s professionalism and their personal experiences.