Who is Hector Brown?

As online casino grows, the world of online casino comparison websites grows as well. In that world, you can visit many great places that offer all kinds of content that help new and non-experienced players learn more about gambling online. All these casinos exist for one noble cause, to enforce safe gambling.

However, not all these websites are the same. Despite the same purpose and same overall approach, they are different in many ways. 

One of many different nuances is the style or, better say, the voice. There are many experts who can provide players with amazing pieces of advice, but not many of them can make these facts sound like a poem.

Hector Brown is one of those editors that implement a great writing style to the world of online casino comparison solutions and that’s why we decided to find out more about a guy who writes online gaming content in such a stylish fashion.

Born and raised in Staten Island, New York, Hector showed his interest in writing at a early age. Like many youngsters, he was amazed by fiction books, so most of the work in this period of life was about this genre. 

That love for fiction didn’t fade away, so it’s no wonder that the start of his career was in creative and fictional writing, at the New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, where he mastered in Magazine & Digital Storytelling.

However, Hector realized soon enough that it was time for a new chapter in life. Although he was living in one of the world’s biggest cities, with impressive cultural diversity, the idea was to travel to Europe and discover the old world. 

While traveling over the Old Continent, he freelanced for Sports Illustrated, one of the world’s most renowned sports magazines.

That work brought the opportunity to learn more about sports, which would eventually lead to sports betting. That’s when Hector’s interest in online gaming began. Eventually, that would become a passion, so the general idea was to work as a full-time writer. 

Thankfully, Hector didn’t have to wait long for the opportunity The executive, Greg Burton, was perfectly aware that the combination of great writing style and passion for online gaming would be a perfect addition to the team of casino industry experts. That was the time when starter to get a new, much more pleasant voice, which eventually led to the massive increase in popularity of this online casino comparison website.

Today, Hector Brown is an Editor In Chief and the main writer for After almost a decade in the world of online gaming, he also selflessly shares his knowledge in the field and continuously holds lectures on safe gambling.

The passion for book writing never faded away and Hector was also busy in this aspect as well. He published two online-gaming-related books in the last six years – “Betting on the Betters” in 2016, and “Learn how to become a Gambling Expert”, which was co-written with Jordan Sanchez in 2018.

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